This is an OLD list of Charlie Company veterans who have been found. It needs updating and many be the next big project unless it is getting close to REUNION time and then it may get updated after that time.

In Memory

Another OLD list. This page features a list of those who have died since their tour of duty. Thanks to many of you who have helped by sending copies of orders, promotions and awards, we have been able to locate many members of Charlie Company. 

We have also used the Social Security Numbers (SSN) to check the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). This is a database of death records created from the United States Social Security Administration's Death Master File Extract. Most persons who have died since 1962 and who had a Social Security Number (SSN) and whose death has been reported to the Social Security Administration will be listed in the SSDI. The SSDI lists the deceased's name, their Social Security number (SSN), date of birth, date of death, state where the SSN was issued, ZIP code of the last residence, and ZIP code of where the death benefit was sent. Our list is based on the SSN's we have been able to obtain and have entered those into one of several web sites that have access to the SSDI. 


We hope there are no mistakes on this list but please notify the webmaster if you find any errors.