Casualty list and the Virtual wall

Casualty List

Charlie Company KIA's from 1968 to 1971

This page features a list of Charlie Company casualties from February 12, 1968 through September 22, 1971. The list includes rank, death date and home city. Thanks to Chuck Seketa and his research in verifying this page. Some of the KIA's may have been from other units such as medics, FO's, tracks, and even other company's. Captain Seketa recorded them as Charlie Company's if they were assigned to Charlie even if it was temporary. 

Virtual Wall


Link to the Virtual Wall for our casualties and for all Vietnam. 

Thanks to the approval and help of the webmaster at The Virtual Wall we now have all  of our Casualty Names linked to the Virtual Wall web site. Their pages contain more info than what we have on our list. Clicking on a name on our list will open up their page on The Virtual Wall site.  If you can help honor others by submitting pictures for publication, we would be most grateful.