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Casualty List

This page features a list of Charlie Company casualties from February 12, 1968 through September 22, 1971. The list includes rank, death date and home city. Thanks to Chuck Seketa and his research in verifying this page. Some of the KIA's may have been from other units such as medics, FO's, tracks, and even other company's. Captain Seketa recorded them as Charlie Company's if they were assigned to Charlie even if it was temporary.

Thanks to the approval and help of the webmaster at The Virtual Wall (see below) we now have all listed on our Casualty List linked to the Virtual Wall web site. Their pages contain more info than what we have on our list. Clicking on a name on our list will open up their page on The Virtual Wall site. Closing that window will leave our site open. Some names are linked to pages on our site with pictures of the men and clicking their name on that page will take you on to their page at The Virtual Wall. However, a link to The Virtual Wall has been created in the Note column if you prefer. If you can help honor others by submitting pictures for publication, we would be most grateful.

Thanks to the 1st of the 20th's webmaster, we have been given permission to link the daily reports to the KIA date and these will also open another page. When you close the page, you will be back at our web site. One death had a "late report" so the next day was used rather than the date listed.

The Virtual Wall

The Virtual Wall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC honors the fallen of the Vietnam War. Relatives and friends leave letters, poems, and photographs there and on the web site named The Virtual Wall ®. They bring the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to your home. Their LINKS page is also worth the time of reviewing! (This will open another tab or page in your browser. Close that tab or page and you'll return here.)

The Military Order of the Purple Heart

This page features a list of Charlie Company veterans who have been given us permission to list them as receiving The Military Order of the Purple Heart while serving in Vietnam. Contact the webmaster if you want to be added to this list as we want to honor recipients but only with their approval. Please send the date or a copy of the orders to be included. A separate page will be created for each recipient along with the daily report concerning the action (photos and the event "In Their Own Words" may be included). Recipients may also be interested in the following links: and

In Memory

This page features a list of those who have died since their tour of duty. We have pictures linked to some of the men and would like to include others. If you have a good picture we don't have, please submit to webmaster for publication.

Thanks to many of you who have helped by sending copies of orders, promotions and awards, we have been able to locate many members of Charlie Company. We have also used the Social Security Numbers (SSN) to check the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). This is a database of death records created from the United States Social Security Administration's Death Master File Extract. Most persons who have died since 1962 and who had a Social Security Number (SSN) and whose death has been reported to the Social Security Administration will be listed in the SSDI. The SSDI lists the deceased's name, their Social Security number (SSN), date of birth, date of death, state where the SSN was issued, ZIP code of the last residence, and ZIP code of where the death benefit was sent.

Our list is based on the SSN's we have been able to obtain and have entered those into one of several web sites that have access to the SSDI. <> We hope there are no mistakes on this list but please notify the webmaster if you find any errors.


History isn't history until you write it down. We would like to publish or link to stories or remembrances of your time in Vietnam. Submit to webmaster for publication.

SNAKE ON A SNAKE! Submitted by Dan Malin. This one has nothing to do with a Hartoonian from Chicago nicknamed Snake.

NDP WITH EARP & DUCK. Submitted by Duck Watters. This one is about Earp, Duck & a long gone, water buffalo.

GAIN A DAY, LOSE A LIFETIME. This is a research paper by Mike Stinnett written during Fall, 1979 for an elective graduate class, Recent American History, at Austin Peay State University. It is a long read but Dr. P. J. Hubbard gave me an A- and wrote: "This is a good piece of work-very original and somewhat creative." The grade and the comment didn't happen often in my college career so please don't take it as bragging but maybe the idea someone thought it was okay. The citations were updated and I hope are accurate for newer rules. Please do not use this paper without permission.

CHRISTMAS 1969: Mike Feltes is AWOL! Headline from National Enquirer? Dirty politics to keep him from being elected President? Read a short Christmas story by someone other than Charles Dickens.

DIARY~MAY '69-APRIL '70. Mike Stinnett, Teach, is in the process of posting his diary entries by months for your information. Hopefully, it will be seen as "If this is what Teach was doing then I probably know what I was doing that day" and not a self-promotion deal. The regular print is from the diary and the italics are from letters sent home and things others have said which will be in red. I'd like for this to be expanded by stories by others and include more pictures. One of the neat things at the reunion is when one person mentions something and others add what they recall so you end up with a great story. Please let me know if you have a story(s) or pictures you'd like included. Also hopeful those who weren't there at the time might be interested in what others were doing in VN. Months without links aren't posted yet. Some of the days will have links directly to Chuck Seketa's Daily Reports from the National Archives that are available at These links are used by permission from Chuck Seketa and Jim Wambold, webmaster.


DEERSLAYER OR RUDOLPH'S REVENGE. Norton's Raiders are on patrol and spot movement. Find out who really gets ambushed!

48 TON RICE CACHE FOUND - A scan of May 27, 1970 article appearing in Pacific Stars & Stripes and also in The Southern Cross about the incident. Thanks to Jim Taylor for saving the articles and submitting them!

Things to Remember While in Vietnam - A list of "hints" sure to bring back a memory someone handed out at the 2010 Reunion.


Would you believe we actually have a tape from December 1969? It's remarkably clean for five GI's sitting on top of a bunker at night during a war. The tape was made for Teach's (Mike Stinnett) wife, Patty, so he got to be the Newcomer. He was just getting to Viet Nam and was being met at the airport by his friend, Rocky or Bryan Ciula. Along the way we meet a Vietnamese kid, a colonel, and a squad leader played by Vic or Mike Yelenovic (just listen for the NY accent). Jim Taylor plays a grunt... what a concept! Ras or Wayne Rasmussen plays several parts although he doesn't want to admit it. He announces the arrival of the plane and is on the radio at the snake. We ran out of tape before we ran out of material. According to the explanation tape to Patty, Rocky & Teach do hijack a plane and it gets them back to the "world" but it lands in Watts. So we really don't know how the story ends. (It's understood you may think we ran out of material before we started the tape!) No offence to anyone we might have offended. "Sorry about that" if it applies.

Thanks to Phil Stinnett for taking a 1969 1/4" reel-to-reel tape made on a genuine variable speed GE portable tape recorder and getting it digitized and correcting the speed!


If I have this story right, Doc Miles mother saw this back in the "world" probably in December 1969 and was able to get a copy from the network. I have in my diary that CBS visited us November 30 when we were in the ville on the 515... just north of LZ Liz. Tony Nunes has donated a copy to share with others. Some are named on this linked page but we could us help in identifying others.

John Wolf from Delta Company (October 1970 -71) has posted a number of videos from Liz and 1/20. He carried a movie camera for a few weeks in Nam. See them on YouTube.

Sykes' Regulars Reporter

Thanks to Daniel Malin, Ronnie Ray and David Craig we have several copies of Sykes' Regulars Reporter.. a 1st Battalion 20th Infantry Newsletter. The first issue we have is dated August 15, 1970 and the last issue is dated January 29, 1971.

David Craig donated a copy of Americal dated January, 1970. Ronnie Ray let me borrow a copy of Americal Division many years ago and it is finally available online.


Click the History button below to bring back more memories. There are links to 1st Battalion~20th Infantry site for history, operations, daily reports and maps along with some other items on this site.


Check out our Photo Galleries in PEOPLE to see if the pictures bring back memories. PEOPLE also includes a list of Charlie Company in October/November 1969 divided by platoon and squads thanks to Andy Brower.

Memories would not be complete without a reference to the new ones we are making as we remember old times together at the reunions. Select EVENTS below to see what has been happening these past few years at Charlie Company Reunions. Newsletters are also included in the EVENTS section. Click here for a Google map showing the location of past reunion attendees.

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