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History, Operations, Daily Reports and Map Links to Chuck Seketa's 1st~20th web site. Used by permission.

History of 1st Battalion~20th Infantry from 1861

History of 1st Battalion~20th Infantry in Viet Nam

Operations And Action Reports

Operation Show Low - After Action Report (5 Mar 68 - 14 Mar 68)
Operation Norfolk Victory - After Action Report (8 Apr 68 - 19 Apr 68)
Operation Champagne Grove - After Action Report (15 Sep 68 - 23 Sep 68)
Operation Logan Field - After Action Report (7 Oct 68 - 13 Oct 68)
Operation Vernon Lake I - After Action Report (28 Oct 68 - 2 Nov 68)
Operation Vernon Lake II (Part 1) - After Action Report (2 Nov 68 - 28 Feb 69)
Operation Vernon Lake II (Part 2) - After Action Report (2 Nov 68 - 28 Feb 69)
Operation Iron Mountain - After Action Report (28 Feb 69 - 28 Feb 71)
Operation Finney Hill - After Action Report (1 Mar 71 - 1 Jul 71)
Operation "No Name" - After Action Report (1 Jul 71 - 4 Oct 71)

Daily Reports

If you have seen or looked through some of Chuck Seketa's books, I know you were amazed at all the time and expense he and others have gone to in collecting all of the 1st of the 20th's daily reports from the National Archives. Chuck has now made this information available online and Jim Wambold, the webmaster of the 1st of the 20th's site, has completed the project of creating a page for each day of each year 1-20 was in country! This link will get you started in finding out what each company was doing on a certain date. I know you'll keep coming back for more of this information!

The Map Room

Another item made available by Chuck & Jim is a map room of our areas of operations. Be sure to sign the guest book and tell them thanks for all the great work they are doing!

48 Ton Rice Cache Found

A scan of May 27, 1970 article appearing in Pacific Stars & Stripes and also in The Southern Cross about the incident. Articles saved and submitted by Jim Taylor (thanks, Jim!).

Battalion Photo Album-late 1970

A scan of a 1st of the 20th's publication which was probably taken in September or October and published later. Only "higher-higher" and Charlie Company are in this web photo album. The quality of the pages isn't great and you will have to scroll some to see the entire page. This was done to make it possible to read the names that go with the pictures. Rumor has it... the names aren't always correct!

Sykes' Regulars Reporter

Thanks to Daniel Malin, Ronnie Ray and especially David Craig, we have twenty-one copies of Sykes' Regulars Reporter... a 1st Battalion 20th Infantry Newsletter printed back in the days of the mimeograph (you may have to explain this word to youngsters!). The first issue we have is dated November 12, 1969 and the last issue is dated January 29, 1971. Also included in this list is a booklet entitled Americal Division donated by Ronnie Ray and another booklet named Americal January, 1970 donated by David Craig.

Personal History

Personal stories and accounts may be found on our Memories page.

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