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Evidently something was happening before our first reunion, our first newsletter and this web site. Dan is going to give us a history lesson soon and says it will be something more than a note or two about a meeting and a picture as in EVENTS.


Over the years we have had to make decisions concerning how to handle issues of general concern with our group. In the beginning it was a decision to take proper care of private information. At the second reunion we began taking dues and added financial guidelines that were approved at the next reunion. An advisory board was also created to help oversee our operation and a Mission Statement was added that helped us in deciding issues.

After a few more issues arose in July 2010 the Advisory Board decided to not only answer those questions but to try to place all of our guidelines in one document. We took the guidelines that had been previously agreed upon by members {located in two newsletter issues: Volume 1-Issue 2 (October 2007) and Volume 3-Issue 1 (September 2009)}, added other guidelines we have been using all along (such as data information) and also added a few more that would help define what our association is all about and how we are going to try to operate.

These guidelines are not meant to be something written by the IRS or some lawyer to be legalistic. This document is meant to put on one place all of our guidelines in a format and words we think can be easily understood.

The Advisory Board asked for an official vote by Members present at our 2011 Reunion during our business meeting (June 10) and this document was approved.


We have opened an online store with Queensboro, the company we used for our embroidered men's and ladies' polos at our reunions. Click to see our offerings.

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