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Ronnie Ray and Jim Yunag

Charlie Company had been working out in the 515 Valley at the end of March or the beginning of April 1971. Our squad was told to go set up on the mountain. When the squad reached the top and set up for the day, someone saw Rudolph.

Doc Bino (Jim Yunag), Al Brown and myself (Norton, Ronnie Ray) decided we should have venison that afternoon. We radioed the rest of the company about a possible enemy sighting. It was a long shot so all three of us lined up and fired, on the count of three, full automatic, and we got it! Captain Donovan called and asked for a confirmed kill but the report back was “Can’t confirm, no blood trail”. We hiked back down and returned with our trophy, a deer about the size of a German Shepard.

Koon, our Kit Carson Scout, was going to show us how to cook it by cutting off strips and throwing it in the fire to burn off the hide. However, we dressed our trophy and started to cook our portion in the old faithful steel pot. We gave the rest of the meat to Koon who was going home for a visit with his family in one of the villages north of Liz. We added some C-Rations and goodies from home to our pot of stew and enjoyed our feast later that afternoon.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. A few days later several people ended up with worms. Guess we were lucky it was only worms. Our medic called in and got us all some worm medication. Doc Bino can tell some really good stories about how bad the worms were!

We got Rudolph that day but she came back and got us in the end.


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