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Things To Remember While in Vietnam

        1. You are not Superman
        2. Recoilless rifles - aren't
        3. Suppressive fire - won't
        4. Don't look conspicuous - it draws fire
        5. Never draw fire - it irritates everyone near you
        6. If it's stupid but works - it's not stupid
        7. When in doubt - empty the magazine
        8. Never share a foxhole with someone braver than you
        9. Your weapon was made by the lowest bidder
        10. If your attack is going really well - it's an ambush
        11. All five second grenade fuses are three seconds
        12. Try to look unimportant - they might be low on ammo
        13. If you are forward of your position, the artillery will be short
        14. The enemy diversion you are ignoring, is the main attack
        15. The easy way is always mined
        16. The important things are simple
        17. The simple things are very hard
        18. If you are short of everything but enemy - you are in combat
        19. When you have secured an area, don't forget to tell the enemy
        20. Incoming fire has the right of way
        21. No combat ready unit ever passed an inspection
        22. Teamwork is essential, it give the enemy other people to shoot at
        23. If the enemy is in range - so are you
        24. Body count math is 2 VC + 1 NVA + 1 water buffalo = 37 enemy KIA
        25. Friendly fire - isn't
        26. Anything you do can get you shot, including doing nothing
        27. Tracers work both ways
        28. The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly
        29. Radios will fail as soon as you need fire support desperately
        30. Both sides are convinced they are about to lose - they are both right
        31. Professionals are predictable - but the world is full of amateurs
        32. Murphy was a grunt


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