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Snake on a Snake

Daniel Malin, aka: Ohio

An infantry squad was sent out on a dark night to set up an ambush (snake as we called it) on a jungle path in the mountains of Vietnam. The squad leader found a good location for the snake to be set up. Knowing that this was a highly traveled path we agreed on a 50% watch. For most of the night the time passed quietly till about 2 in the morning. All of a sudden one of the guys who'd been sound asleep jumped up and down and began screaming, "Snake! Snake!" Trace got to him first, we got his pants down and Keith threw the snake in the bushes. Yes-- a snake had crawled up his pant leg looking for warmth. Needless to say we had to pack up and move to another location - fast!!

Characters in this event Keith Trace, Dan Malin, and the rest of Trace's squad. And who was the poor soldier that the snake crawled up his pant leg? Well lets just say "thank you" Reverend Jimmie (Tallman) for reminding me of one of the better times we had back then.


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