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Camping with Earp & Duck

Submitted by David, but call me Duck, Watters

Billy Wayne Earp was a good guy, fun to be around.... about half-nuts but still a good guy. The company was setting up about dark around a tree line for their NDP. It was probably one of those little "islands" around an old rice paddy.

We didn't dig in that night. We were to spread out and find a place to sleep. Earp called out to Duck Watters, "Duck come over here. I've got you a place already made out."

Duck went over and lay down on the other side of Earp... right into a pile of water buffalo dung! It didn't take long for Duck to figure out the "invitation" and for Earp to know it'd worked as a new aroma filled the night air around them.   Naturally Duck cussed him but began to laugh right along with Earp.

You weren't supposed to make noise after dark but they couldn't stop laughing. The squad leader, Buck (Richard Buchanan), told them to be quiet, then the platoon Sgt., Jerry Fuller, had his turn. Finally, Peanut (Lt. Vincent) came over and said, "Shut up or I'll shoot you". I believe he was meaning he'd save "Charlie" the trouble. It worked like a bedtime story and a teddy bear! Earp and Duck got quiet and went to sleep.

Since Duck had failed to upgrade his tour to First Class, clean clothes and a shower were not options the next morning and it took two or three days before the stink finally wore off. However, this could have helped the war effort. Any VC in the area would've smelled a water buffalo instead of an American GI! Thanks Duck!


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