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The Military Order of the Purple Heart

Tim McClaughry


May 31, 1969

At 0800hrs Charlie Company moving north spotted VC/NVA and open fire upon them, they returned fire on US, with small arms fire and RPG results was 5 US WHA and 1 US KHA. Charlie Company is in contact with an unknown size enemy force (Platoon size plus) in a fortified complex vicinity of 811429. At 0837hrs Charlie Company found a bunker entrance, which was concealed, inside they found documents and VC flag will evac documents. At 0946hrs Charlie Company observed 7 VCS men moving into Ville at 753407 work from Artillery OK Fire Mission and Delta Company is informed and will OK Fire Mission. At 0955hrs Charlie Company received 60mm fire and hand grenades and small arms fire 8 more WHA at 812427. At 1005hrs E Troop engaged VC with negative assessment VC where all in camouflaged with brush. Recon Platoon is standing by for Combat Assault LZ will be west and north of Charlie Company to set up a Block area to sweep to Recon Block area. Delta Company 1st PZ was 1102hrs Last LZ at 1131hrs into 795425 and then Recon 1st PZ 1136hrs to LZ 1140hrs at 792432. At 1225hrs Charlie Company total for action is 5 KHA, 10 WHA, and still in contact and putting pressure on the enemy element. Delta Company is moving with E Troop and APC from North area receiving RPG and small arms fire, 1 APC hit results 1 US KHA and 3 US WHA from E Troop, Charlie Company receiving heavy small arms fire and RPG and mortar rounds at 1210hrs. E Troop at 797427 reports 4 NVA KIA and Delta Company at 1305hrs report 13 NVA KIA and 2 AK 47 found 82 mortar sight and rounds and found 1 82mm complete and 1 NVA pack. At 1406hrs Delta Company has Dust Off with 7 heat casualties and 1 US KHA going to Bronco. At 1500hrs Delta Company at 812426 Delta Company report 1 NVA KIA, Charlie Company 1 NVA KIA. At 1725hrs Delta Company report 1US WHA and then at 818429 3 VC/NVA in bunker KIA, 1 30 cal Machinegun and 2 AK 47, with 5 NVA KIA outside the bunker. At 1945hrs 1-20th Infantry Update Report: E Troop 1 Calvary 1 KHA and 3 WHA (E), Delta Company 5 WHA (E), 6-11 Artillery reports 2 KHA and 2 WHA (E), Charlie Company 5 KHA and 17 WHA (E), Headquarter Company 1 KHA and 1 WHA (E). Delta Company is informed that they will be joined at 0700hrs with another platoon of APC from E Troop will come up on their push in the morning. Charlie Company SP4 JOEY LEE BOLES, SP4 STEVEN KENNETH SPRINKLE, SP4 SALVADOR PUGA TRIANA, SP4 THOMAS ARTHUR WATSON AND PFC DAVID W. KINNEY LISTED AS KHA. Headquarters and Headquarter Company (Medics) has SP4 JAMES JOSEPH WISE (MEDIC) LISTED AS KHA with SP4 Gary W. McCann and SP4 Edward F. Edward Mueller where award Purple Hearts. E Troop, 1st Squad. 1st Calvary has SP4 RICHARD FRANCIS GLINIEWICZ LISTED AS KHA with SP4 Homer L Garrison JR. was warded the Purple Heart. The 6th Battalion 11th Artillery we have CPL RUSSELL EVANS AND JAMES ALFRED WRIGHT LISTED AS KHA with 1LT Frank G. Jacobs was award the Purple Heart. Charlie Company also evac SGT Richard L. Kuhn, SP4 Robert McKinley, PFC John J. Pipczynski, PFC Roy Johnson to 27th Surgical Hospital. Also SGT Timothy McClaughery, SGT John K. Killoran, SP4 Charles Unterberger, and PFC Cliff Engstrom to 312th Evac Hospital with PFC Roy Johnson, SP4 Robert E. McKinley and PFC John J. Pipczynski where award Purple Heart from 27th Surgical Hospital. Headquarter Company has Medics SP4 Edward F. Mueller and SP4 Gary W. McCann where also evac to 27th Surgical and awarded Purple Heart.

In His Own Words

I got blown up on the infamous May 31, 1969 and subsequently received the Purple Heart. A motar round landed 3" behind me while I was sitting (lighting up a cigarette). Every organ in my body was hit except for my heart. To this day, doctors don't know how I survived or how things are working given the nerve damage. The round that hit me apparently was "dirty" since I had a tremendous amount of infection long after the wounds were healed. It's been a long 43 years, but I learned so much about what is really important in life and how much I'm loved.


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