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Ronnie Ray

Ronnie & Teresa in Veterans Day Parade 2011

Charlie Company
January 22, 1971

At 0621hrs Charlie Company 3rd Platoon patrol is moving out for BS707568. At 0702hrs Charlie Company 2nd Platoon stay behind ambush closed on BS665564 and 2nd Platoon ambush closed on BS680571. At 0721hrs Charlie Company 3rd Platoon vicinity BS706567, request 1 Urgent Dust Off for 2 US with minor frag wounds to leg and arms, SP4 Ronnie H. Ray and PFC Wendell, completed at 0739hrs. At 0745hrs Charlie Company 3rd Platoon while on patrol detonated a booby trap a can of Petna with an AK47 cartridges used as shrapnel, had pressure release firing device and the results is 2 WHA. At 0951hrs 3rd Platoon patrol closed on OP Wink vicinity BS699562. At 0756hrs Charlie Company 2nd Platoon patrol has moved out for BS678578. At 0951hrs Charlie Company 3rd Platoon patrol has closed on OP Wink. At 0952hrs Charlie Company 3rd Platoon vicinity BS706567 detained 2 females with negative ID. They were detained at the location where Booby Trap was detonated and 2 US were wounded, Nguyon Thi Bon age 15, wearing orange and black and Nguyon Thi Hien age 9 wearing flowered blouse and black bottoms, will back haul both to Mo Duc. At 1252hrs Charlie Company 1st Platoon vicinity BS707543, found 2 well concealed fighting positions recently used. Both positions were connected by tunnel, they were each just large enough to fit 1 person will destroy as much as possible. At 1630hrs Charlie Company Command Post vicinity BS699562 at OP Wink bought 40 M-60 rounds for 2 cans of C rations, 2 Vietnamese 8 and 10 years old destroyed the rounds in place. At 2112hrs Charlie Company 1st Platoon ambush BS683548, and 2nd Platoon in location vicinity BS680579. PFC George I Wendell was evac to the 91st Evac Hospital with multiple frag wounds to both legs. SGT Ronnie H. Ray was awarded a Purple Heart and was evac to B 23 Medical with multiple frag wounds to both legs. Also 1LT David A. Hodges was treated at Battalion Aid station with minor frag wound to jaw.


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