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The Military Order of the Purple Heart

Robert Yancy

Michael, Queen, and Robert
Michael (9th grade), Mommy (USA retired), Robert Jr (UNC)

July 3, 1969

Daily Report

Charlie Company set up their Day Logger at BS814444, and at 1000hrs Charlie Company at BS809454 spotted and they engaged 4 NVA with packs and weapons they received 1 round with negative casualties. Sweep area of contact and found a number of group positions in the area, also classrooms and some papers. At 1625hrs Charlie Company has moved into their Night Defense Position at BS809454 with the 44 element is at BS828445. At 1730hrs Charlie Company Charlie Company at BS821449 in contact receiving small arms fire and automatic weapons fire from 5 individual weapons and 1 M-79. Gun Ships alerted and sent to contact area. At 1745hrs Charlie Company report 3 US WIA, Dust Off, standing by to go in, Helix and fighters on station, Dust Off completed at 1850hrs. At 2150hrs Charlie Company their Night Defense Position at BS828443 with the 46 element at BS824443. At 0400hrs Charlie Company will move to BS824443.


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