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The Military Order of the Purple Heart

Len Groom


Charlie Company
July 5, 1970

At 0550hrs Charlie Company the 64 element is moving to BS803461, the 36 element is moving to BS780462 and the 38 element is moving to BS792449. Also the 14 element is moving to BS79646, the 17 element is moving to BS802453 and the 18 element is moving to BS809443. At 0630hrs Charlie Company the 54 element and Charlie Company 26 Engineer our work location is at BS726601. At 0710hrs Charlie Company we request an urgent Dust Off for 2 US with multiple frag wounds to the legs and hands from a booby trap. The booby trap was a trip wire type across a trial attached to a hand frag Names PFC George A. Deboer and SP4 Leonard M Groom JR completed at 0731. PFC Deboer was evac to 23 Med with frag wound to hand and abdomen wounds. SP4 Leonard M. Groom was JR evac to 91 EVC with frag wounds to both lower legs and evac to Japan. The 18 element found within 75 meters 3 booby traps in a roll 81mm round, claymore, 105 or 155, destroyed in place. At 0910hrs Charlie Company the 18 element found within 75 meters of each other and all on trails, 3 booby traps, which were destroyed in place. 1 was a 81mm mortar rounds with a pressure release type device. 1 was a claymore with a trip flare fuse and trip wire device. And the last one was either a 105 or 155 round with a trip flare fuse and trip wire device. At 1145hrs Charlie Company 54 the 56 element found 1 M16 (ammo) can that contained what appeared to be 1 1968-1969 diary, 1 bag of gauze and other medical supplies. Along with 1 textbook with Ho Chi Minh’s picture on the front, a paper with writing in Vietnamese and translated in English. Also there was 1 payroll sheet, and 2 photographs, 1 with 10 people in their dress suits, and 1 photo of approximately 30 people 1 with a weapon. At 1430hrs Charlie Company 54 the following items were found in (30 caliber) ammo can with 1 bottle of unknown type pills, along with other medical supplies at grid BS735603. At 1900hrs Charlie Company we have closed on our Night Defense Position at grid BS781453 with multiply ambushes in location. At 2112hrs Charlie Company the 37 element has its mechanical ambush set off.


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