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The Military Order of the Purple Heart

James A. Helvig


Charlie Company
May 12, 1969

Charlie Company conducts Recon in Force to vicinity BS773375 then secured a downed gun ship. At 0315hrs at BS774376 Charlie Company received 20 82mm mortar rounds results of 1 US KIA and 13 WIA (E). At 0340hrs at BS774376 Charlie Company observed flashes 500 to 600 meters west of location and at 0345hrs Fire Support Base Bronco received 3 140 rockets direct hit on TOC results 1 US KIA Charlie Company 26 Engineers and 1 US WIA USAF. At 1130hrs at BS774376 requested Dust Off for 2 US WIA with frag wounds from this morning difficulty breathing wounds from the Mortar fire. At 1240hrs Charlie Company at BS774376 received Small arms fire returned fire with negative results. At 1830hrs Charlie Company at BS774376, 76 at BS774377, 45 at BS775384. Charlie Company has SFC NATHAN BEDFORD SIMMONS LISTED AS KHA. SP4 Douglas J. Merrill, PFC, Eddie J. Shell, SP4 Thomas S. Troha, SP4 Dennis F. Petri, PFC Edward Lippick, evac to the 27th Surgical Hospital.

Charlie Company
June 3, 1969

At 0800hrs Delta Company 1-20 Infantry vicinity BS732474 in contact with unknown number of enemy results 2 US KHA and 2 US WHA unable to recover all KHA at this time, Enemy 6 NVA KIA, CIA 1 SKS and 1 AK-47. At 1015hrs Charlie Company with E Troop 1 Calvary is moving to BS753383 with Delta now at BS728408. At 1115hrs Delta Company at BS728408 walked into a ambush requests a Urgent Dust Off for 1 US with heat stroke is in shock, Dust Off completed at 1125hrs. At 1125hrs Charlie Company at BS752403 moving overland with APC received RPG rounds track took hit, results TCL, Charlie Company 4 US WHA (E) from E Troop 1 US KHA and 9 WHA (E). Delta Company at BS728408 moved into village and recovered the two bodies that were missing, had all their equipment and continued sweep of the Ville. At 1200hrs Delta Company 4-3 Infantry was brought in and OPCON to the 1-20 Infantry, to assist in the Area and moving to BS746409. At 1520hrs Update of Contact: Charlie Company 4 US WHA evac, Delta Company 2 WHA evac and 5 US KHA, E Troop 9 WHA evac and 1 KHA. At 1605hrs Charlie Company at BS752403 received small arms fire, results, 2 US WHA evac, Delta Company has 1 WHA evac and Delta Company 4-3 Infantry 3 WHA evac, Dust Off completed at 1655hrs. At 1650hrs Delta Company at BS726409 request Urgent Dust Off for 1 US KHA, 1 US WHA hit unknown type booby trap. At 1700hrs Delta Company at BS726409 received small arms fire results in 2 US WHA evac Dust Off made by Command and Control Helicopter at 1715hrs. At 1715hrs Delta Company 4-3 Infantry at BS746409 received small arms fire and results being 1 US KHA. At 1830hrs Charlie Company at BS752403 found 1 30 Cal Machine Gun, 3 AK47, CIA. At 2000hrs Delta Company 4-3 Infantry informed that in morning they should start to move to BS593434 on June 4 to return to 4-3 Infantry control. Charlie Company PFC BILLIE WAYNE REED LISTED AS KHA. Charlie Company reports SP4 Billy L. Boggs, SP4 James A. Helvig. PFC Daniel Norstrud, and PFC Steven Nicholls were evac to 312th Evac Hospital.


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