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Dennis Roehrs

Dennis "Nebraska" sometime around Christmas 1968 Dennis, his wife Judy and son Joshua in 2010

May 8, 1969

Daily Report

Charlie Company conducts Recon in Force to BS750446 with one platoon Recon in Force at BS769388 and BS765379. At 1130hrs Charlie Company was putting in a SRRP at BS772395 trip a mine and the results of 3 WIA and SRRP was extracted. SP4 MAHLON HUGH WATKINS IS LISED AS KHA.

SGT John F. Wrigley and SP4 Mahlon Hugh Watkins were the other two wounded that day according to Dennis. Dennis also received a Purple Heart on April 16, 1969.

April 16, 1969

Daily Report

At 0140 Charlie Company at BS920234 received small arms fire and hand grenades from 25 to 50 VC/NVA the main bunker on bridge is on fire by satchel Charge 50% damaged 52 element leader WHA and 5 other US WHA and at 0225hrs elements from Charlie Company with E Troop 1 Cav reinforced with results evac WHA to secure portion of Hardstand, no damage to Bridge itself. 3 VC KIA, A Ak47 CIA and 5 US Evac Dust Off completed at 0255hrs. At 0934hrs Charlie Company change CIA AK47 to 1 VZ 58P assault weapon (SN #68151). At 1208hrs Charlie Company found 200 to 300 pounds of salt and destroyed in hootch. At 1315hrs Charlie Company at BS923226, have 4 VCS at Bridge caught in Ville where attack came from last night all females 45, 18, 12, 7 none had ID. At 1820hrs Charlie Company are in the following Locations 31 at Bridge 93 and 32 at Bridge 92. SFC James Polk, SP4 Hayward M. Sampson, SP4 Gary A Ellis, PFC David M. Hoile, SP4 Irvin Smith were evac to the 312th Evac Hospital and SP4 Dudley B. Gjersvig, SP4 Dennis D. Roehrs were attached to the 27th Surgical Hospital.


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