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Casualty List


First Name
Last Name
Casualty Date
Home City
SP4 William James Weber February 12, 1968 St Paul, MN  
PVT Donnell Bell February 25, 1968 Venice, IL   DOW  
PFC Gustavo Jr. Rotger February 25, 1968 New York, NY  
SP4 Bobby Wilson February 25, 1968 Bloomington, IN  
SSG George Jose Cox March 14, 1968 Abingdon, VA  
SGT Alvin Anthony Jr. Mack May 16, 1968 Cleveland, OH  
SGT Herman William Schermann August 5, 1968 Pittsburgh, PA  
SGT James Paul Young August 5, 1968 Walnut Creek, CA
SGT Edward Glen Baker August 6, 1968 Midwest City, OK   DOW 8/5/68
CPL Dennis Wayne Vaughn September 27, 1968 Wartburg, TN   DOW
SGT John Allen Wood September 27, 1968 Lake Orion, MI The Virtual Wall
SP4 Joel Miller Leigh December 9, 1968 Chapel Hill, NC  
CPL Roberto Andress Romero January 29, 1969 Fremont, CA   DOW 1/28/69
SP4 Victor Charles Jr. Navone February 11, 1969 Los Altos, CA  
SP4 Mahlon Hugh Jr. Watkins May 8, 1969 Crooked Creek, PA  
SFC Nathan Bedford Simmons May 12, 1969 Douglas, GA  
SP4 Joey Lee Boles May 31, 1969 Wasco, CA  
CPL Russell Evans May 31, 1969 Sylvania, GA (C6-11AR)*Data Needed
CPL David Washington Kinney May 31, 1969 Charleston, WV  
SP4 Steven Kenneth Sprinkle May 31, 1969 Winston-Salem, NC  
SP4 Salvador Puga Triana May 31, 1969 Cuero, TX  
CPL Thomas Arthur Watson May 31, 1969 Chickamauga, GA  
SP4 James Joseph Wise May 31, 1969 Detroit, MI HHC Medic
SP4 James Alfred Wright May 31, 1969 Boring, OR (C 6-11AR)*Data Needed
PVT Billie Wayne Reed June 3, 1969 Murray, KY   DOW - C-D
CPL Paul R. Ross June 12, 1969 Huntington Beach, CA   DOW
CPL Billy Wayne Earp August 10, 1969 Decatur, AL The Virtual Wall
SP4 Norman Schulte August 13, 1969 Houston. TX The Virtual Wall
CPL James Steven Rogers September 15, 1969 San Fernando, CA The Virtual Wall
CPL Kenneth Wayne Pease September 16, 1969 Hickory, KY  
1LT Robson Ward Wills September 16, 1969 San Antonio, TX  
SGT Willard Eugene Wilson September 16, 1969 Flint, MI  
PFC Willie George Jr. Lewis October 11, 1969 Allison, TX  
SP4 Ronald Eugene Embree January 9, 1970 Thurman, IA  
CPL Boyd Lee Wade January 9, 1970 Ringling, OK  
SP4 Willie Henderson March 19, 1970 Dallas, TX The Virtual Wall
SP4 Stefano Giardina June 10, 1970 Buffalo, NY  
SP4 Ned Henry Harris July 7, 1970 Houston, TX The Virtual Wall
SGT Sherman Felton Armstrong August 14, 1970 Poteau, OK
CPL Harold Dean Hollifield August 14, 1970 Marion, NC  
1LT Franklin King Nelson August 14, 1970 Arlington, TX  
CPL Lawrence Samuel Martin September 6, 1970 Philadelphia, PA  
SGT Jon Edward Reed September 6, 1970 Somerset, WI
SP4 Bobby James Parris October 27, 1970 Sylva, NC  
SGT Francisco M. Asanoma October 30, 1970 Inarajan Village, GU
PFC Roger Dale Cole November 12, 1970 Martinsburg, WV   DOW 10/11/70
SSGT Howard James Scoville December 4, 1970 Hollywood, FL   DOW 12/3/70
SGT Herbert Stephen Hinson January 16, 1971 Cincinnati, OH  
CPL Charles Rupert Tricker February 27, 1971 La Mirada, CA  
PFC Robert Frank Hojnacki September 22, 1971 Chicago, IL  
SP4 David Lawrence Sheaffer September 22, 1971 Parchment, MI
Thanks to Chuck Seceta for verification. See 1st Battalion~20th Infantry site for all battalion losses. There are a few unknowns with the list and Captain Seketa also included FOs, medics and others who were assigned to Charlie Company but were from another unit. You will see these in the Note column. If you know of any errors, please submit to webmaster (webmaster"AT" the @ sign instead of "AT").
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