1st Battalion-20th Infantry

11th LIB ~ Americal Div.

January 20, 2014

Volume VII, Issue ii



The Ninth Annual Charlie Company Reunion will be held again at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport in Florence, KY on June 6 & 7, 2014. The room rate is still $85 a night and they do have free shuttle service from the airport for those of you flying in to the reunion. Mark those dates on your calendar! Hope to see you there. Our next newsletter will have more specifics about the 9th reunion.

We already have four new guys who plan to attend and, of course, hope to increase that number along with seeing many of the old faithful again! Usually about two/thirds of the group arrives sometime Thursday and we will go to a nearby restaurant together that night. We will still have our Coffee and Cookies Reception Friday in our Hospitality Room.

The golfers should be out early Saturday morning for our annual golf outing. Below are those who attended the event in 2013. Most actually played a round of golf but several went along for support. Support is used loosely here. I'm sure some were encouraging or complimentary at times. At times is also used loosely. These guys have a good time!

The whole golfing crew.... Hecklers and all!

Action photos are available online on our website along with photos taken at the riverboat dinner cruise, tea room and the banquet.

Go to the EVENTS section of our website to see a general report of the 2013 Reunion and a link to all the pictures that are posted. The EVENTS page will also have items posted about the 2014 Reunion before the next newsletter is mailed.

Golf Chairman Mike Feltes awarding the coveted olive green jacket and cup to this year's winner.... again, to Andy Adam!


tea room
The ladies have already been booked to return to Yesterday's Café & Tea Room for a noon brunch on Saturday. This year's event was well attended by the ladies. The owner, Susan (bottom right in yellow sweater), has always been a gracious hostess and the ladies seem to come back happy after attending the brunch. It is possible getting away from the guys for a while might add something to the enjoyment!

Saturday night in 2014 will be like past years; our banquet at the Hilton followed by our Business meeting, Memorial Toast, Awards and pictures.

mike feltes
Mike Feltes was so proud to have received the Flag Award (he never wins anything.... just ask Phil) that he held it for platoon pictures! We're glad he did since this is the only picture found that could prove he had really been awarded the US flag that has been flown over the US Capitol. Thanks Mike for all of your help over the years!


Observant readers will notice NO plans for Friday night yet. Many have enjoyed the riverboat dinner cruise with BB Riverboats but the feeling is we have hit "diminishing responses" with that activity. There are several things we could do in the area that involve "outdoor" activities but a bad weather possibility and a need for Plan B's make that too iffy. The lady at NKYCVB has been helpful in making suggestions but right now an open night where groups could do as they wish may be what is "scheduled". Reds baseball might be an option for some. They play San Francisco Thursday and then a three game series with the Phillies and then begin a series with the Dodgers on the 9th. We have always had several attend a game when they are in town. Several have gone to other riverboats with hopes of fun and excitement and a chance to come home with more money than they left with. Some may not be tired of the riverboat cruise... there are many things to do around the area, but, right now something that all might like to do together hasn't popped up. We have some who arrive late Friday and getting some rest would be their preference. If you have a suggestion(s) please let me know. We have found over the years car-pooling to events has not been a problem.


Brenda won the Hilton comp room donated by the Hilton and Charmaine
Al H. won the  patriotic wreath donated by Teresa Ray
Kathy, Beverley, and Denise won candles donated by Ursula and Mike Yelenovic
Grace, Bev C, and Kim each won a bottle of wine donated by Ursula and Mike Yelenovic
Minerva won a bottle of Kentucky Reserve donated by Nate Hutchinson
Denise won an assortment of Mary Kay products donated by Lynn & John Bottorff
John won a box of mixed nuts donated by Deborah and Richard Rey
Nate won a bottle of Crown Royal donated by Andy Adam
Andy B. and Dan each won a CIB plaque donated by Andy Adam
Chuck & Kathy C. each won a 11th Brigade cap donated by Mike Bingham
Al B. won a print of the VN Memorial donated by Patty and Mike Stinnett
Kim won a patriotic flag picture donated by Al Blosser
Mike D. won the Charlie Company ROCK donated by Ronnie Ray
Patty won a  patriotic wreath donated by Pat Bingham (Mike stole the pins)
Royal won a teacup bird feeder (complete with bird) donated by Pat Bingham

You may have noticed some other donations this year. Al Blosser donated the welcome banner hanging over the registration table and Chuck Unterberger donated the Charlie Company Guidon. You may have noticed a book on the Memorabilia Table titled Vietnam Veterans of America - Members' Album 2012  that was donated by Eddie Daniels.

Regional Refreshments

Pretzel Bites w/Ranch, honey Mustard, & Nacho Cheese, Pittsburgh, PA - Mike & Chris Dove
Assorted California Nuts , Richard & Deborah Rey
Moonshine Jelly and Jif Peanut Butter (Made in Lexington, KY ), Beer Cheese, Bourbon Cheese London KY - Mike & Pat Bingham
Beer Nuts, Bloomington-Normal, IL- Dave & Ruth Wantland
Nuts, Los Alamitos, CA - Milt & Bev Houghton
Pretzels - Peanut Butter spread (Walnut Creek, Ohio), Lyman, SC - Ronnie & Teresa Ray
Pretzel Chips, NH - Ron & Bev Cole
Trail Bologna - Swiss cheese - Ohio Buckeyes, Ohio - Tom Moore
Nut Goodies, Sixlets, Yogurt Raisins, Minneapolis (Eden Prairie, MN) - Larry Mueller & Barb Peterson
Moon Pies & Whiskey Cake, Tennessee - Mike & Patty Stinnett
Wine from RI - Charlie & Sandy Brow
Charleston, SC Hot Pepper Jelly and local wines, Twisted Sister, Bless Her Heart, Surfside, SC (formally of NY) - Mike "Vic" & Ursula Yelenovic
Gourmet Mini-Cheesecakes, Richton Part, IL - Eddie & Maggie Daniels
Snoogles, Lorain, Ohio - Daniel Malin
Virginia Peanuts - Andy Brower
Eat 'n' Park "Smiley" Cookies, Pittsburgh, PA - John & Lynn Bottorff
Deer Sausage , Fayette, MO - Stretch (Delton Watt)
Zucchini muffins w/cream cheese & blackberries, Louisburg, MO - Steve (but baked by) Donna Carlisle

Several contributed a variety of wet stuff for all to stay un-dry. This may not be all that was shared (thinking John Loeb had something when he arrived Saturday morning) and we are thankful for all who contributed to this cause. Sorry if a name was left off.

CONTACT INFORMATION - Do you have comments about the newsletter or need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not known to us? Contact Dan Malin at (danielmalin (AT) hotmail (DOT) com or at home, 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 or by phone (440) 242-7664 or Mike Stinnett at (mike DOT) stinnett (AT) yahoo (DOT) com or at home, 319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 or by phone at (931) 647-8917.{Please use the @ and the . in the email addresses and NO spaces} Please be sure to let us know if you have a change of address especially email. If you have not heard from us by email for some time you may want to let us know your new email address.  

The mission of Charlie Company Veterans Association is to locate and contact veterans of Charlie Company and to provide an annual reunion for those veterans and their guests and we consider our newsletters and website as aides to help accomplish that mission. Therefore, we have not charged anyone to receive a newsletter although we are currently mailing over 200 newsletters with each printing. Dues are still $20 a year and may be sent to either Dan Malin or Mike Stinnett.

NEW CONTACTS - Below is a list of recently found Charlie Company vets. Some have "found" us either through another vet or the web site. Interest in the association ranges to some who are already planning on attending the reunion and to some who aren't too interested in the association. However, if you spot someone you knew and want to contact them, please let us know.

Donnie Auman SC Ronald Douglas MO Terry Piper PA
Larry Badger PA Michael Gleason NY John Rauskin CA
Douglas Baker IA Kenneth Griesman NC Wayland Rupp IA
James Balcarczyk NY John Hatton CA Lanny Russell MI
Harold Benich CA Albert Hundley TX Ronald Sabulis MA
Thomas Blake NC Gerald Infalt WI William Sorter CO
George Cabral CA Joseph Konwinski MI Jonathan Stewart NC
Michael Cerminara PA Gary McCann MS Joseph Trossback MD
Alan Danucci WI John Mower PA Donald Wittman MN
Thomas Dematte CA John Oliphant NC James Wyborny IA
Alain Desrosiers NY Michael Olshefski KY Paul Wysocki NY
Robert Dial MI George Pete MI