1st Battalion-20th Infantry

11th LIB ~ Americal Div.

January 23, 2013

Volume VI, Issue ii


The Eighth Annual Charlie Company Reunion will held at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport in Florence, KY on June 7 & 8. The room rates will again be $85 per night and the agenda will be about the same as last year. Usually one half of the sixty or so participants will arrive Thursday (a few couples even before then) and most will "meet and eat" at a nearby restaurant. The scheduled events will begin Friday with a Cookies and Coffee reception and conclude with a riverboat dinner cruise that night. Saturday morning will find the golfers out early and the ladies returning to Yesterday's Café & Tea Room for brunch. Our banquet at the Hilton will be that evening along with a business meeting, awards, and Memorial Toast.


Charlie's Angels: (Standing, L-R) Rita Cooper, Debbie Francomacaro, Pat Bingham, Denise Vannatta, Peggy Ciula, Peggy Rasmussen, Chris Dove, JoLynda Watts, Patty Stinnett, Lynn Bottorff, Mona Williams, Beverley Houghton, Cindy Welegala   (Seated L-R) Sandra Brown, Bev Nunes, Ursula Yelenovic, Julia Chisholm, Maggie Daniels, Helen Vincent, Teresa Ray, Carol McClaughry, Brenda Tucker, Ruth Wantland

Don't the ladies look nice in their new, blue, angel shirts?   I'd better say they look nice anyway to keep out of trouble.

This is a close up of the shirt and we will be giving one to any lady attending the reunion this year who did not receive one last year. What a deal!

Helen Vincent presents Susan Schultz, the owner of Yesterday's Café & Tea Room, a shirt for her gracious hospitality and for making the Saturday brunch a special event for the ladies over the past six years.


Do you have comments about the newsletter or need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Contact Dan Malin at danielmalin(AT)hotmail(DOT)com) 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 242-7664 or Mike Stinnett at (mike(DOT)stinnett(AT)yahoo(DOT)com) 319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 (931) 647-8917. Please be sure to let us know a change of address including email. REMINDER: Dues are still $20 a year. Money received from dues is applied to newsletter expenses. We are currently mailing over 200 newsletters of each issue.

OUR SYMPATHY to the family of Joe Grimes who died January 15, 2013.

Military Separation Codes - (Separation Program Numbers) Numeric Codes

Got an email from Dan Malin a while back saying he just learned about these codes on our DD-214's. Everything in the hundred + codes are listed from bedwetters to perverts. There were also claims of these being used against vets for employment and other things as large companies had access to the database of these codes but the vet did not know what they meant. Dan's buddy who brought this up to him was in the service for 8 years and did 2 tours in Nam and was listed as a conscientious objector!

Didn't know exactly what Dan was talking about so I did some investigating on the web. Here is the introduction to the list and a link to the codes:

These codes are contained in your military records and may be annotated on various military separation documents. These codes are subject to change, and the Department of Defense will no longer allow the military services to release the meanings of these codes to the general public. The below definitions were obtained before this prohibition went into effect.

This site listed other branches of the military and reentry codes (RE) and mentioned they supposedly quit using them after '74. I checked my RE code RE-2 meaning I could reenlist but probably didn't want to ... accurate! The SPN is 41C which referenced box 30... to accept a teaching position ... right again! However, 41A would have worked too. Apathy, lack of interest . Dan said his was 201 or maybe he said 221... you will just have to check to see which one is accurate.

One of Hilton's employees, Charmaine Fox, introduced us to her mother, Grace R. Eckels (born September 17, 1922). Grace's husband, Charles William Eckels was born May 3, 1921 and was in the 11 th Airborne in Japan and later with the 82 nd Airborne in Fort Bragg. He retired as a Lt. Col. and then went on to work in Vietnam for the State Department after he retired.

Grace's story is amazing for a lady during that era! Grace served in the Marines for three and ½ years from 1943-1946 and was the first married woman in Boot Camp. Before she was discharged May 6, 1946, she was an Acting Drill Sgt. in Camp LeJeune, NC for one year. Grace also worked as a guard in the Navy Annex in Arlington, VA. In 1945 she marched for President Roosevelt's and Admiral John Sidney McCain's funerals.

Grace joined us in the meeting room and we definitely enjoyed talking with her. You can tell she likes purple but if you look you'll see some light blue in her lap, a Charlie's Angels shirt Ronnie Ray and Mike Bingham gave to her. We hope she schedules her trip east when we're back at the Hilton in June!

Purple Heart

A new section to our website was added to honor those in Charlie Company who received a Purple Heart. Those listed have given us permission to use their name and info on the list and a personal web page. If you received a Purple Heart and would like to be added to this list please let me know and include the date or a copy of the orders for the MOPH.

Some have provided a Vietnam picture and a current picture for the individual pages and two have added their own story to the Daily Report. The link to this section is on the MEMORIES page of the website just below the Casualty List and The Virtual Wall paragraphs. So, be sure to visit this new section and, if you qualify and give permission, I'll be glad to add you to our list.

Online Store

We have set up an online store using Queensboro's QB Online Stores program. Queensboro is the company we have used for our polo shirts these past two reunions. We control the store: the logo choice, the items, and the prices that are not marked up at all.  Queensboro handles all of the customer service, payment information, and order fulfillment.  You may deal directly with them at any time with no minimum purchases. Look for more in future email and on our website.

We have three logos to choose from; the VN Campaign Ribbon, the ladies Charlie's Angels, and a new design with the CIB and unit designation. We are adding a light blue polo for the men to be used with the CIB logo and a Nike shirt for men and for women along with a few other items you may choose. You can choose any shirt color offered along with some fleece and hat items. You will find our own personalized URL linking on our website. If you want another item added to the store, just let us know.

Sykes Regulars

David Craig has donated several issues of Sykes Regulars beginning with Volume 1, Number 10 printed November 12, 1969 and ending with Volume 1, Number 24 printed on February 26, 1970. Look for these to be online soon with our other volumes posted under HISTORY and MEMORIES. David also sent us a copy of an Americal booklet dated January 1970 and this will be posted also.

Clean out the closets and see what you can find that may be of use to our association. Several vets have been found from copies of old orders where we have a full name. Many have appreciated looking through the photo albums posted online that vets have allowed us to use. You don't have to donate the documents. Some have scanned photos and emailed them or sent a CD copy and I have scanned photos and returned them. Let us know and can work something out so you won't be out any money.


Our next newsletter should arrive sometime in May with all the final reunion details. As in the past, two items concerning payment will need to be taken care of prior to the reunion. Those on our email list will hear of these before the next newsletter but if your only contact is through newsletters then you will need to reserve a place on the Friday night riverboat dinner cruise by April 1. The cost went up some this year due to fuel prices and the group rate is $50 per person. The Saturday night banquet at the Hilton will be about $25 per person as we hope to get the same price as last year. That dinner reservation and payment will be due two weeks before the reunion, May 24. Everything else you choose is payable at the activity. We can usually get late requests taken care of but getting them by the deadline ensures your spot in the activity. Hope to see you in June!