1st Battalion-20th Infantry

11th LIB ~ Americal Div.


August 26 , 2011

Volume V, Issue 1


The Sixth Annual Charlie Company Reunion was held at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport in Florence, KY on June 10 & 11. Fifty-seven were in attendance this year with four veterans attending for the first time: Eddie Daniels, George DeBoer, Nate Hutchinson and Robert Yancy. Minerva Adam, Maggie Daniels, Beverley Houghton and Laura Knepp were also attending for the first time. A total of seventy-six different veterans and fifty-six different guests have attended at least one reunion during the past six years!

Vets '11

This year’s group includes (Standing L-R) Robert Yancy, Nate Hutchinson, Ronnie Ray, Dan (Howdoyoulikemyforehead tattoo?) Malin, Mirko Yelenovic, Richard Rey, John Loeb, Chuck Unterberger, Andy “Myeyelooksbetterthisyear” Brower, Mike Dove, Tony Nunes, Mark Knepp, George DeBoer, Al Hammock, Roland Watts and (look closely) John Bottorff. (Seated L-R) Tim McClaughry, Andrew Adam, Eddie Daniels, Chuck Welagala, Rick Tucker, Milt Houghton, Bud Vincent, James Chisholm, Mike Bingham, Larry Mueller. (Front, L-R) Al Blosser, Dave Wantland, Mike Stinnett, Mike Feltes, Bryan Ciula. (Charlie Doan not pictured)


golfers '11

Tee Time - Boone Links GC in Florence was the site of our annual golf outing.

Tea Time - The ladies posing just before their return to Yesterday’s Café & Tea Room for brunch.

Charlie’s Angels (Back, L-R) Lora Knepp, Pat Bingham, Patty Stinnett, Beverley Houghton, Ruth Wantland, Cindy Welegala, Lynn Bottorff, Carol McClaughry, Chris Dove, Maggie Daniels, JoLynda Watts, Betty Hammock, Brenda Tucker. (Front, L-R) Kathy Simmons, Peggy Ciula, Helen Vincent, Julia Chisholm, Ursula Yelenovick, Deborah Rey, Minerva Adam, Bev Nunes, Teresa Ray and Barb Peterson. (Kim Doan not pictured)


Do you have comments about the newsletter or need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Contact Dan Malin at (danielmalin(AT)hotmail(DOT)com) 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 242-7664 or Mike Stinnett at (mike.stinnett(AT)yahoo(DOT)com) 319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 (931) 647-8917. Please be sure to let us know a change of address including email. If you have not heard from us by email for some time you may be the one of the dozen or so who “bounces back” after sending an email to all. REMINDER: Dues are still $20 a year. Money received from dues is applied to newsletter expenses. We are currently mailing over 200 newsletters each quarter.

RIVERBOAT CRUISE Forty-six attended the riverboat cruise and lunch with BB Riverboats. It was a relaxing journey on the Ohio River and, as hot as it was after lunch, we didn’t even mind the brief thunderstorm that cooled everything off. We are planning a Friday night dinner cruise at next year’s reunion (June 8). RECEPTION A punch and cookies reception was held in our Hospitality Room at 4:00 p.m. Friday but most didn’t notice anything formal with so many arriving Thursday and not needing a reception to start getting acquainted or reacquainted. Thanks again to everyone for their Regional Refreshments contributions. If you couldn’t find a drink or snack, it was your own fault!

We held our BUSINESS MEETING after Friday night’s buffet. Our Financial Report was presented and approved. We began last year with a balance of $1,634.86 and ended the year with a balance of $1,695.50. Income from dues was $1,000 and we had donations of $1,290. Our major expenses were for the newsletter of $1,252 and reunion expenses of $989.04. Our current balance is $3,755.50, which includes $820 in dues this year and donations of $1,140. The majority of our donations are from the raffle sales. No expense items have been taken from this amount. The other major business was getting our Guidelines approved. These were emailed and also posted on our web site under ABOUT US. These were also approved.

We will be returning to the Hilton again next year June 8 & 9 for our seventh reunion. The room rate will remain the same as the last two years ($85). Mark those dates on your calendar!

OUR SYMPATHY to Mrs. Kitty Millard in the death of her husband, Robert, on August 16. Mrs. Kitty has helped not only our company but also many Vietnam vets find old friends. Several of you were found as a result of Mrs. Kitty’s help. We appreciate her dedication in locating members of our military units and will keep her and her family in our thoughts and prayers.