1st Battalion-20th Infantry

11th LIB ~ Americal Div.


December 19, 2010

Volume IV, Issue 2



We will be returning to the Hilton in Florence , KY on June 10 & 11 for the 2011 Reunion. The contracted cost of the rooms will be $85 per night. This price is good three days before and three days after the event. We are going to have practically the same agenda as in the past but are adding an optional riverboat cruise for Friday noon with BB Riverboats.

Thirty-two have already expressed interest in the riverboat cruise with most indicating lunch and cruise instead of cruise only . Prices for the group rate lunch cruise was $27.57 for 2010 but the prices for 2011 haven't been set yet (cruise only rate was $16.15 or $15.05 group rate). It takes fifteen to qualify for group rates. We do need to make a reservation at least one month ahead of time and 1/3 of the cost will be due at that time with the remainder due one week before. We hope to have prices for this and the meals determined by the next newsletter since most of you may want to just send one check to cover everything in which you wish to participate. More information is available on the web site under EVENTS and will be emailed to those with email accounts before the next newsletter.

OUR SYMPATHY to the family of William (Bo) Barkley who passed away on July14; Charles "Beau" Leon Beauchaine, 83, who passed away on August 21; and to the family of Donald Townsend ('69-'70) who passed away November 30.


Do you have comments about the newsletter or need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Contact Dan Malin at   (danielmalin (AT) hotmail(DOT)com) 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 242-7664 or Mike Stinnett at (mike.stinnett (AT) yahoo (DOT) com) 319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 (931) 647-8917. Please be sure to let us know a change of address including email.


The Charlie Company annual golf outing was held on Saturday June 6 at Boone Links Golf Course in Florence, KY.  Nine golfers showed up to participate in the event. The weather was great and all appreciated the usual hospitality provided by the folks at Boone Links. The golfers who participated were: Delton (Stretch) Watt, James Chisholm, Tony Nunes, Bud Vincent, Mike Feltes, Richard Rey, Mark Knepp, Chuck Welegala, Andy Adams, and Mike Dove (roving observer).

Vince Alagia, our defending champion from last year was unable to attend. However his record low score of 88 fired in 2009 still stands. Andy Adams, a first time Charlie Company reunion attendee, shot an 89 so he is our champion for this year. Runners up (2 nd place) were Bud Vincent (score of 91) and Richard Rey (third place with a low score of 98).

At the banquet that evening, Andy was recognized and presented with the 2010 Charlie Company Cup and also the highly coveted and revered green jacket (OD in color). This jacket is unique as it is a traveling award, which means that the winner is allowed to keep it for one year, with the understanding that they must have their name embroidered over the front pocket. Then the jacket must be returned to us by next June in order that it can be presented to next year's (2011) winner. Other awards for 2nd place were peaches and pound cake for Bud and 5 large packs of Kool Aid for Richard Rey. This would have been a wonderful prize 40 years ago!

Two other golfers were recognized with "Ugly Mug" awards for conspicuous (questionable) conduct on the Golf Course and each was presented a commemorative coffee mug with a cartoon picture depicting the deed. One mug, titled the "Foot Wedge" went to Richard Rey. A player commits a Foot Wedge in golf when he boots his ball - usually found behind a tree - so he can take his next shot. This mug showed a golfer distracting three partners while executing the Foot Wedge. The other mug, titled "Scratch Golfer" went to James "Tiger" Chisholm. A Scratch Golfer usually refers to one who shoots Par for the course. This mug, on the other hand, showed a golfer ... well, use your imagination. This is a family oriented Newsletter!

Thanks to all who participated and helped to make this outing such a success!!

The whole group: standing, left to right; Mike Dove, Richard Rey, Tony Nunes, Andy Adams, Chuck Welagala & Delton Watt. Mark Knepp, James Chisholm, Mike Feltes (Chairman or Golf Czar) & Bud Vincent.

Mike Feltes presents winners trophy to Andy Adams. You will have to go online to view Andy in that beautiful OD green jacket!


Quilt donated by Mary Ann Kinch.

Gift basket from JoLynda Watts, counted cross-stitch picture donated by Liz Unterberger, and jam & jelly gift set from Teresa & Ronnie Ray.

And the winners are:

Mary Ann Kinch won the counted cross-stitch picture (Liz at right). Very appropriate!

John (Sparky) & Lynn Botorff win the quilt (Mary Ann in middle)

Andy wins again... the gift basket this time. (JoLynda Watts)

Beverly Nunes wins the jam & jelly set (Teresa at left)

Guidelines - Over the years we have had to make decisions concerning how to handle issues of general concern with our group. In the beginning it was a decision to take proper care of private information. At the second reunion we began taking dues and added financial guidelines that were approved at the next reunion. An advisory board was also created to help oversee our operation and a Mission Statement was added to guide us in deciding issues.

After a few more issues arose in July, the Advisory Board decided to not only answers those questions but to try to place all of our guidelines in one document. We took the guidelines that had been previously agreed upon by members {located in two newsletter issues: Volume 1-Issue 2 (October 2007) and Volume 3-Issue 1 (September 2009)}, added other guidelines we have been using all along (such as data information) and also added a few more that would help define what our association is all about and how we are going to try to operate.

You will find the guidelines are not meant to be something written by the IRS or some legalistic lawyer. This document is meant to put in one place all of our guidelines in a format and words we think can be easily understood. You will notice some things that are new or perhaps more specific, but most everything is from the past. The Advisory Board will be asking for an official vote by Members present at our next reunion's business meeting to formally approve this document. Until that time we will be operating under these guidelines. A new link,   "About Us" has been added to our web site to publish these guidelines.  They have been emailed to those contacts and copies will be made available at the reunion for those unable to read from the web site.


If you get the VFW magazine you may have noticed an article in the September issue on page 44 concerning a group of fifteen Purple Heart recipients who qualified for an all-expenses-paid excursion to Vietnam. One of the fifteen was from 2 nd platoon of Charlie Company (Nov. '68-'69), Wallace Herman or Grandpa to those who knew him then.

The group arrived in Hanoi on April 30, the same day of Vietnam's massive celebration of the 35th anniversary of the "liberation" of the South by the Communist North. They visited "Hanoi Hilton", the North Vietnamese Army Museum and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. The next flight took them to Hue where they visited the Citadel in the Forbidden City, the former DMZ at LZ Sally, the An Lo Bridge and Khe Sanh Base.

The group rode from Hue to Danang and visited Red Beach and Marble Mountain. The next day's ride was to Chu Lai where they saw the new runways that are now a commercial airport and a monument that overlooks the old US Base, now a Vietnamese military base. This is as close to Duc Pho as they got.

They flew from Danang to Ho Chi Minh City and visited the former Presidential Palace and former US Embassy compound. The last two days included a trip to Cu Chi and Black Lady Mountain and later to some VC tunnels in the area. The last day's drive before departure was to the Mekong Delta.

Many of the places have been omitted from this article due to space but Wally has sent a CD of pictures that are posted on the web site.

The article states, "Throughout their journey, the men were impressed by the industry demonstrated by the Vietnamese citizens. The amount of progress the country has subsequently made in the years since their tours of duty and the marked friendliness of the people stood out." Wally was in Korea three years ago with the Guard. That trip and this return to Vietnam made him say again, "We live in the best country in the world".

Editor's note : Carl McClafferty should be back from another Afghanistan tour by now. Welcome HOME!