1st Battalion-20th Infantry

11th LIB ~ Americal Div.


August 26, 2010

Volume IV, Issue I

REUNION V ~ 2010

Fifty-nine people attended the fifth annual Charlie Company reunion at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport on June 4-5. Five were attending for the first time and about one half of the group arrived before the 4 th to get an early start on the reunion! The official opening reception was at 3:00 p.m. Friday. We enjoyed a buffet that night at the Hilton followed by our business meeting.

The golfers teed off early Saturday morning at the Boone Links GC and many of the ladies (some now wearing new hats) had a wonderful time at Yesterday's Cafe & Tea Room for brunch. The hospitality room was busy each day as we sampled the regional refreshments, swapped stories, reconnected with old friends and made some new ones!

We had another buffet Saturday night followed by our Awards and Memorial Toast. Prizes were presented to the vet who traveled the longest distance and who traveled the shortest distance to be at the reunion. The golfers also gave awards for lowest score and a couple of runner-up prizes. We had drawings for four donated items. Our custom is to end our reunion with a tribute to Charlie Company's KIA's with a memorial toast. We will have more about the golfers, the ladies and the prizes in future editions.


We will be returning to the Hilton in Florence , KY on June 10 & 11 for the 2011 Reunion. The contracted cost of the rooms will be $85 per night. We are going to have practically the same agenda as in the past but we are going to add an optional riverboat cruise for Friday noon. More information is available on the web site under EVENTS and will appear in future newsletters.

Guidelines - Our guidelines have been compiled and updated and have been emailed to those with email addresses. They are also posted on our web site with a new link, "About Us". The Advisory Board will be asking for an official vote by Members present at our next reunion's business meeting for formal approval.


Do you have comments about the newsletter or need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Contact Dan Malin at 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 242-7664 (danielmalin<AT>hotmail<DOT>com) . Contact Mike Stinnett for reunion activity sign-up at (mike.stinnett<AY>yahoo<DOT>com) or ---319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 (931) 647-8917.


We are returning to the platoon format instead of the group photos of earlier newsletters. Mortars will get a chance to lead the way, for once! Don't know why they never wanted to walk point especially "armed" with a base plate! The platoon photos will have names listed below them beginning with back rows, left to right. Charlie Doan and Chuck Unterberger weren't in these pictures taken Saturday night. Many other photos may be viewed on the web site linked on the EVENTS page.


: Michael Bingham, James Chisholm, Al Blosser, and Tom Kinch

3rd platoon

Roland Watts, Ronnie Ray, Ronnie Williams, Chuck Welegala, Tim McClaughry, Dave Wantland;
John Bottorff, Larry Mueller; Dean Thiemkey, Donald Townsend, and Carl Edwards (Charlie Doan)

2nd platoon

2nd PLATOON : Phil "U-did-what?" Sherwood, Daniel "It's-not-polite-to-stare" Malin, Andy "U-can't-C-my-good-side" Brower, Wayne "Does-it-look-that-bad?" Rasmussen, Andy Adams, Wayne Darnell, Mike Yelenovic;
Mike Stinnett, Joseph Francomacaro, Mike Feltes, Bryan Ciula and Bud Vincent. (Chuck Unterberger-AWOL)

1st platoon

1st PLATOON: Delton Watt, Mark Knepp; Tony Nunes, Mike Dove, Richard Rey, and John Loeb.


A brief, incomplete Finance Report was presented with the following report being final. The ending balance of 2009-2010 was $1,643.86 after all expenses were paid, and has been approved by the Advisory Board.

We had $328.57 remaining after all expenses were paid following the reunion of 2009. We had sixty-five pay $20 dues last year totaling $1,300. The Donations were $1,276 and reported in Vol3Issue1 newsletter. We received $2,450 and paid the Hilton $2,426 for the meals. T-shirts took in $346 and we paid $340 for them (plus postage). Newsletter cost for last year was $1,084. We have renewed our domain name and server contract with GoDaddy for $136 for the next three years. Our reunion expenses ($80) keep on getting lower because of the generosity of our members.

In addition to this ending balance of 2009-2010, we can add forty-two who have paid dues this year. We have had money donations totaling $190 from James Chisholm, Duck Watters, Al Blosser and Roland Watts. We received $685 from the sale of raffle tickets for the four donated items (those will be featured in a future newsletter). Richard Rey purchased some Americal hats to sell at the reunion and donated the extra money after his initial cost was met and this added $75 to the donation amount.   We have again received $250 from NKYCVB for holding our reunion in Northern Kentucky. We are in good shape financially to carry on with our mission statement!

The other business meeting items were primarily informational and saying "thank you". The web site expenditure was explained along with a mention of new VA information available. We received feedback from questions asked concerning the reunion's location and meals. Thanks were also given to those who provided regional refreshments and other hospitality room donations and to those who served on the golf, refreshment, and registration committees including Pat Bingham's group with the gift bags for the ladies.