1 st Battalion-20 th Infantry

11 th LIB ~ Americal Div.


December 19, 2009

Volume III, Issue 2

Merry Christmas!


June 4 & 5 are the dates of the 2010 reunion when we will be returning to the Hilton Cincinnati Airport in Florence , KY. We have the room rates contracted for $85 a night. Our agenda will remain basically the same with a reception, buffet dinners, golf, ladies brunch at the tearoom, business meeting and a memorial toast. Eighty-three people attended the fourth annual Charlie Company reunion at the Hilton on June 12-13 and we hope to have even more in 2010. Start making your plans to join us next year. Visit our web site as more details become available.

Surprise Quilt!

Is this something, or what? Thomas John Kinch sent a message before the reunion saying his wife had made him a beautiful quilt and she was making one for us for the reunion. No cost to us.... nothing and we could auction it off or sell raffle tickets; whatever we wanted to do. They even had a roll of tickets with them! We decided to sell tickets for the quilt give-away Saturday night. George Wendell (Little Moose) had the winning ticket drawn by Mary Ann Kinch.

The auction raised over $600 for our organization and we are very grateful to the generosity of all who participated and especially to Mary Ann for her time and material in creating this beautiful quilt. One of the patches you might not recognize is a Task Force Barker patch. Tom, to his co-workers, and John, to his friends, spent 22 months with Charlie Company in Vietnam. We're calling that the record until someone else claims it.


Don't know about you but I would have been a bit leery about an advertisement stating "the objective is only an 8 Klick hike... there's a good chance the Hueys won't be available... we'll assemble and move out from the hotel lobby at 7:45 a.m.... our return to base at LZ Hospitality Room (via a different route of march of course) will be at approximately 1400 hours." Twelve did meet though and headed for the objective, Boone Links GC on Saturday, June 13 (even if the camera's date is the 12 th ).

Vincent Alagia scored 88 on the par 72 course and took home the coveted C-cup for his trophy case. Rick Tucker, Al Hammock, Bud Vincent all broke 100 but the mercy rule forbids us from posting the scores of James Chisholm, Chuck Welegala, Richard Rey, Mike Feltes, Mark Knepp and Tony Nunes. Let's just say if they live long enough to shoot their age, they have a lot of years left ahead of them! We are not sure what the scorecard of Tony Nunes means when it says he scored one bird and one Geo Dome house but we assume no liability. Mike Dove and Len Groom also went with the group and were listed as designated observers, advisers and hecklers. The outing was not about score but having a good time and enjoying each other's company. It can be safely said, "Mission Accomplished."


Do you have comments about the newsletter or need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Contact Dan Malin at 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 242-7664 (danielmalin<AT>hotmail<DOT>com) or Mike Stinnett at 319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 (931) 647-8917 or (mike.stinnett<AT>yahoo<DOT>com) or.


Thanks to the following who made the reunion much nicer by bringing some "home town" goodies to share:

Ronnie & Teresa Ray (SC)- peach cider, muscadine cider, beer

Roland & JoLynda Watts (TN)-smoked almonds, roasted peanuts, & sesame stixs, popcorn clusters, granola bars, fruit and grain bars

Mike & Pat Bingham (KY)-Derby pie, bourbon balls, Blue Mondays, Bourbon, Tiger Beer

Richard Rey (CA)-chocolate cashews and raisins

Al Blosser (OH)-hot sausages

Wayne & Linda Darnell (KY)-Bauers Candies, Makers Mark

Mike & Patty Stinnett (TN)-Goo-Goo Clusters, Moon Pies

John & Lynn Bottorff (PA)-Smiley Cookies & Iron City Beer

Wayne & Peggy Rasmussen (IA)-Salsa (Raspberry, Corn and Black Bean), wine

Tony & Beverly Nunes (CT)-Portuguese wine

Chuck & Liz Unterberger (MN)- Fieldgate Cheese (yellow cheddar, Colby, and a Colby-jack.)

Al & Betty Hammock (LA)-Abita Beer

Jerry & Sandy Holloman (NC)- Tar Heel Red Wine, Mt. Olive pickles, Chow Chow & Texas Pete

Helen & Bud Vincent (MO)-Ted Drewes' Frozen Custard "Concrete"

Kathy Simmons (GA)- peach preserves and apple bread

Tom Moore (OH)- Trail Bologna & Cheese Buckeyes

Jerry & Laura Groce (CA)-wine, olives

Mike & Ursula Yelenovick (SC)-cookies & wine

Bryan & Peggy Ciula (IN)- flavored popcorn

Andy Brower - (VA) Virginia peanuts

If we missed getting someone registered, please let us know.

View from a Charlie Co. Wife

WOW!!   What a great reunion!   Already, I can't wait until next year's reunion.   It was so good to see the women enjoying themselves as much as the guys - sometimes even more.   I can still remember when one of the men attending his first reunion walked by the table where we women were having a good laugh.   He stopped and said, "Hey, I thought this was OUR reunion!"  

What a great time we had visiting with old friends and making new ones.   If you didn't come to the reunion with your husband, you missed a wonderful weekend!   Saturday's trip to the Tea Room was a great hit, as was the trip to the Antique Mall.   Twenty-one women had brunch at the tearoom, requiring 2 shuttle buses to transport us there.   As always, Susan, the owner, made our visit fun and delicious.   The regional refreshment table was a huge success, with lots of different and unique goodies to taste and drink. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Mary Ann Kinch, a first time attendee, certainly set the bar high for the rest of us wives.   She made a beautiful quilt and donated it to be raffled off and the proceeds given to offset costs of the reunion.   It was highly sought after and many of us were disappointed when we didn't win it. This year, those of us who have attended reunions in the past tried to make sure the new wives were made to feel welcome.   I hope we accomplished that!   Please start planning now to attend the 2010 reunion, you won't be sorry you did.

Photos Missing from Last Issue

Keith Trace

Dan wouldn't let Keith in the group photo with his UF, LSU or UM cap (can't remember which of the three he was wearing at the time). Fortunately someone found an OSU cap and Dan let him have his picture taken.

Duck Waters

Duck seems to hide when group pictures are made too.   Promised to Photoshop his head on a gorilla body next year or maybe Rambo's. Andy might not like that since he's claiming rights from previous photo.

Ronnie & Mona Williams

This was Ronnie & Mona's first reunion but they had to cut it a day short to ride on down to Florida for their son's wedding.


Shortest Distance Traveled: 67 Miles to Wayne Darnell, Lawrenceburg, KY. Gift was a Canteen with Camo Cover

Longest Distance Traveled: 2,131 Miles to Tom Kinch, Spokane, WA. Gift was an extra roll of   ...   napkins?-   and MRE

US Flag flown over US Capitol

Ronnie Ray (Norton) for his contribution to CCo mission.

Other Recipients

Lucky dog quilt contest winner:   George Wendell (Little Moose). It has been reported he will NOT be bringing the quilt back next year to let someone else use if for a while!

Happy 65th Birthday Bud Vincent (Peanut)! And you thought we wouldn't notice (Thanks Helen for making it seem that way). Bud is having a dysfunction problem with his "old" golf club.

As you might recall, our organizational objective is simple: find all men who served in Charlie Company and provide an opportunity for us to get together again by communication and a yearly reunion. Jimmie Dubose (Tallman) said it best a couple of years ago at the reunion. "Teach, this reunion is like an epitome to me. I have thought of these guys many times over the years but thought I'd never see them again. And now here I am getting to see and talk with them again!"   Don't quote me on the accuracy of the quote but it is close and also very accurate as to how we all have felt to get an opportunity to meet, and talk, and just be friends again!