1 st Battalion-20 th Infantry

11 th LIB ~ Americal Div.


March 31, 2009

Volume 2, Issue 4


The fourth annual Charlie Company Reunion will again be held at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport on the weekend of June 12-13. The address is 7373 Turfway Road, Florence, KY 41042; phone number is 859-371-4400. Be sure to mention you’re with the Charlie Company Reunion when making reservations.

We have a block of 30 rooms reserved for the dates and the rate of $89 a night will be good three days before and three days after the reunion. The Hilton will honor this rate if we have more than 30 reservations as long as space is available. At the cut-off date, June 5, the Hilton will release any unreserved rooms for general sale. Any reservation received after the cut-off date will be accepted on a space and rate available basis.

We will keep our last reunion’s agenda: antique mall, golf, ladies brunch, meals Friday and Saturday evenings at the Hilton, refreshments and memorabilia in the hospitality room and a business meeting. There will be more about the agenda in the next newsletter.


Please make sure you’ve taken care of the following items before June 5 if you are planning on attending the reunion.

MEALS: The Hilton is giving us a special meal rate that includes tax and gratuity for our meals together Friday and Saturday night. We have to send them a final count a week before our reunion and prepay the total amount for all meals. If you plan to eat with us, please send a check or money order before June 5 (payable to Charlie Company 1-20) for $20 per meal per person to Mike Stinnett (see Contact Information). These meals are, of course, optional and can be for one night only.

NAME BADGES: The NKYCVB is again providing name badges for our reunion that includes a first name and nickname (if applicable). However, if this will be your first reunion (including wife, child, etc.), we will submit the names from our reservation list that may not have a wife or child’s first name. So please let us know. If last year’s badge was good, do nothing; we’ll submit the same names.

HATS & T-SHIRTS: We will again have hats and t-shirts for sell at the reunion. Let Dan know if you need a hat ($16) and let Mike know if you need a t-shirt ($12). Be sure to include the size of the shirt. Examples can be spotted in our newsletters and a better picture is posted on the web site. We do not order many extras and have quickly sold out so please place the orders before the reunion to be sure one is available.

GOLF: Bud Vincent and Mike Feltes will need to know if you would like to join them for a round of golf Saturday morning.

LADIES BRUNCH: We currently have made tentative reservations for eight at Yesterday’s Café and Tea Room for a Saturday brunch at noon. We need to know how many want to attend so we can give them an actual count around the first of June.

The only item that needs to be prepaid is the meals. We just need a count for the Antique Mall, Tea Room, golf, and hat & t-shirts (size too). You can now register online with the Hilton and also fill out your intentions for each event at our web site <charlie1-20.org/events>.


One of the perks we’ve gotten from the Hilton is being able to bring our own food and drinks into our hospitality room. A fun and easy way to stock the hospitality room has been to ask folks to bring a few samples of refreshments made near where they live. If you want to help, bring something to represent the “homeland” and don’t feel like you have to provide enough for everyone. A sampling has been plenty these past years thanks to the generosity of participants.

A PLEA for the WIVES
Pat Bingham

Ladies, if you and your husband have not been to one of the Charlie Co. Reunions, you don’t know what you are missing! My first reunion was in 2007 and to be honest, I wasn’t really thrilled about attending. I tried my best to get my husband, Mike, to attend by himself. Thank goodness, he didn’t! It was such an enlightening time for me and the other wives were terrific.

I also want to ask you to encourage your husbands to attend. These reunions have been wonderful for our husbands. I can assure you they all leave a little better for attending. Many of the wives talked about having to strongly encourage their husbands to attend and not one of them was sorry they did. One wife told me her husband had had nightmares several times each week ever since leaving Vietnam. However, in the years since his first reunion, he has had one or two nightmares - total! Not all our husbands have had such a drastic reaction but they have all had positive results from their attendance. It is a healing experience for them!
We look forward to seeing you at the reunion with your husband. Rest assured you will be made to feel welcome. We are going to the Tea Room once again this year and you’ll love it! We had such a good time on our visit last year and the food was great too! Please join us in Florence, Kentucky - you’ll be glad you did!!!

Our Sympathy to… the family of John Barrows (’68) who passed away June 11, 2008 and to Joe (’68) & Vangie Grimes in the loss of their daughter, Veronica (45) who passed away January 26, 2009.

Andy Brower

Andy Brower was 2nd platoon RTO and moved up to HHQ with Lt. Ronan “Gomer”. At our last reunion he showed us a notebook he’d kept from Vietnam that has names and line numbers.

I think this is everyone in Charlie Company around Oct/Nov 1969 (probably October 18-22, or November 6-13, or November 27 to December based on other records).

By the time I wrote several pages in the book I must have been running out of time because I skipped first names (most have been added by comparing them with other lists). I did a new list every couple of days. I had to account for each person every day and call it in to the rear to let them know who was in or out of the field. If some one was wounded, KIA or going on R&R I had to call that into the "rear". Likewise they would inform me if someone was inbound to the company so all were accounted for (124 total).

C P (9)
Capt Donavan, James 001
Lt Ronan, Terrance 566
Lt O'Donnell FO
Sybyl, John FORTO
Black, Charles Medic
Brower, Andy 520?
Jordan, Keith 492
Hartman, Rod 513
Bue, Tim FORTO

LT Bray, Gary 584
Sgt Knowles, Eddy 484
Fordice, Stephen - Stub 523
Gariepy Medic

First Squad
Eddy, John 011
Goodman, Larry 003
Ostendorf, Jim 593
Hemphill, Frank 015
Bunch, Ron 568
Smith, John 575
McCormick, Larry 591
O'Dowd, Pat 555
Gonzales, Willie 027
Brown, Dave 472

Second Squad
Nunes, Tony 535
Schumacher, Bob 551
Ames, Leroy 572
DeBoer, George 557
Lewis, George 019
Watt, Delton 014
Knepp, Mark 025
Groom, Leonard 032

Third Squad
Adams, Roy 504
Moore, Tom 567
Embree, Ron 005
Williams, Don 597
Young, Frank 585
Adkins, Mike 502
Curry, Max 017
Wade, Boyd 016
Armstrong, Sherman 013
Hammock, Felix 033

Lt Vinson, James 012
Sgt Hill, Frank 009
Doc Bell, James Medic
Cuila, Bryan 545

First Squad
Yancey, Robert 474
Sherwood, Philip 553
Henderson, Willie 531
Francomacaro, Joseph 599
Fleming, Andrew 023
Henley, Gideon 519
Harris, Ned 030

Second Squad
Harootunian, Leonard 321
Read, Wally 547?
Stephens, James 547?
Vincent, Elwood 578
Taylor, James 579
Badger, Larry 540
Jardine, Arnie 028
Bell, Wallace 486

Third Squad
Trace, Robert Keith 044
Selvage, Jaush 594
Brockington, Will 570
Malin, Daniel 037
Dunn, James 045
Nims, Bruce 560
Hutchinson, Nathaniel 530
Dubose, Jimmie 038

Weapons Squad
Rasmussen, Wayne 590
Yelenovic, Mirko 549
Stinnett, Michael 500
Brown, Charlie 004
Watters, David 496
Hanson, Erick 571

Lt Boney, Jack 008
SGT Dela Cruz, Angel 248
Doan, Charles 018

First Squad
Groce, Jerry 479
McCord, James 586
Valenti, Michael 533
Finley, Wiley 512
Galgon, Anthony 598
Koole, Lawrence 556
Merica, James 592
Syhanousky, George) 538
Lindsey, Larry 039
Lienhard, Loren 036
McHenry, Larry 538

Second Squad
Smith (?) 577
Wysoki, Paul 475
Evon /Ervin?) 539
Roy, John 589
Mallory, David 034
Gilbow, John 541
Puglia, Anthony 550
Schubert, Alan 576
Bennett, James 517
SGT Barkley, William 010

Third Squad
SGT Cook, Grady 031
Dunbar, Russell 499
Kuba, Michael 554
Rhine, Harry 552
Edwards, Carl 002
Townsend, Donald 581
Sanders, James 587
Smallwood, Jeffrey 035
Monroe, John 029
Phillips, Robert 536
Meservey, Stephen 559

81MM Mortars (15)
Lt Ching (Chang), Keith
SSGT Patton, Donald 022
SSgt Moore, John 024
Harper, Glen 518

First Squad
Beauchamp, Wayne 561
Buell, Michael 542
Widell, Ronald 583
Amos, Patrick 041
Miller, Ronald 043

Second Squad
Balcarczyh, James 544
Donaghy, William 465
Hendrickson, Charles 457
Gaines, Bennie 588
Thompson, (?) 582
Yother, Dennis 042

Thanks Andy, for this contribution. You often hear “I don’t know which platoon or squad I was in” when talking with other vets so this may help some of you. If you are not on the list but recognize your squad, please let us know even if it was before or after this time. Do you have other names you remember besides your own or have a nickname or maybe know who was squad leader? It might be interesting to work on this list at the reunion and publish the update.


Our $20 dues cover the time period of June 1 to May 31. This money is primarily used to print and mail the newsletters, pay for some reunion expenses and a few other minor expenses that occur during the year. A yearly financial report will be given at the reunion.


Do you have comments about the newsletter? Need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Contact Dan Malin at (danielmalin<AT>hotmail<DOT>com)
4136 Kenyon Avenue
Lorain, OH 44053
(440) 242-7664

or Mike Stinnett at (mike.stinnett<AT>yahoo<DOT>com)
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