1 st Battalion-20 th Infantry

11 th LIB ~ Americal Div.


August 1, 2008

Volume 2, Issue 1


The third annual Charlie Company Reunion was again held at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport on June 20-21. For some, it actually began the 19th as eleven of the arrivals met and later ate German food at the Haufbrau House. There were eight others checked in and we were making good use of the Hospitality Room before the night was over.

Friday was officially registration day. The total attendance for the reunion was fifty-two! We had several who had planned to attend but couldn't and twenty-two of the fifty-two were there for the first time! We had vets from Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota, North and South Carolina, Kansas, New Jersey, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Mississippi, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Tennessee.

The regional refreshments kept the thirst and hunger down (as if we were starving). A few of the ladies went to the Antique Mall. The Hilton's Punch & Cookies Reception was at 3 p.m. The buffet Friday night was at 7:00 and we returned to the Hospitality Room after dinner to hold the Business Meeting. Dan Malin was presented a flag that had been flown over our Nation's Capitol in honor of his work in finding Charlie Company vets. Chuck & Liz Unterberger were the winners of the drawing for one free room night of those eligible who made early reservations.

We had golfers out early Saturday morning and it was reported no clubs were thrown even though Boone Links GC is a much more difficult course than last year's. Some of the ladies went to Yesterday's Café & Tea Room for brunch. We again returned to the Hospitality Room after our meal Saturday night for Awards and Memorial Toast. Frank Hill (Oldsmar, Florida near Tampa) was presented with a MRE for the person who came the longest distance to the reunion and Charles Doan (Cincinnati) won the closest award and received a walking stick to help him get back to Cincinnati. Bud Vincent led us in a tribute to those KIA’s listed and to those who were still in the "world" worrying about us.

Group photos came next and some are online at <Charlie1-20.org>. Individual pictures, with names, are also online in the photo gallery (links in EVENTS and PEOPLE) to help you put a name with a face.

Several still around Sunday morning met at the Cracker Barrel or the Hilton for breakfast. Most of the goodbyes also included the statement, "See you next year!" Start making plans to join us again. You will be glad you did!


It was great to see you at the reunion. Great planning. Lynn and I were really happy to see everyone again. Looking forward to another reunion. John “Sparky” Bottorff

I had a great time. I had some misgivings about coming, but I'm glad I did. It was good to see old friends and to make new ones also. Hope to attend next year. Wayne Darnell

I want to let you know how much Ruth and I appreciated all your efforts in getting the details worked out for this, our first reunion. It was a great experience. I went to it with a little apprehension but a great need to see some fellow soldiers I spent a few months with 37 years ago in an unfriendly place far, far away. Vietnam created bonds between us, people from all walks of life whom we didn’t know before and in many instances, resulted in friends for life from our mutual respect for each other.

I also learned again about the quality of people who served in Charlie Company, who shared “Care Packages” back then and still shared “Care Packages” at the reunion. I’m sure few of us made it through this gathering without shedding a few tears for a whole host of reasons. For those of us who are married, I appreciate Peanut remembering our biggest supporters, our wives. Ruth and I were married before I went to Vietnam and I had to once again thank her for her support during that trying time. I think remembrance, both good and not so good, is a big part of what this reunion is all about. I consider myself very fortunate to have made it through my time in Vietnam with so few scars. Many did not, and they need all our support and prayers. David Wantland, the other “Teach

I truly enjoyed the teahouse and my shopping trip. I hate to wait another year. I have such a good time with all the wives. Everyone is so friendly and fun to be with. Ronnie said that all the new guys he talked to would be back next year and wished they had known about it sooner. Also the ones whose wives did not attend said they were sure their wives would enjoy the reunion. Atmosphere and friendliness of everyone is great. Ronnie and Teresa Ray

Thank you letting me a part of your "family". It is so nice to see all of you guys together, and getting the bad stuff out that has been in there so long. What a nice bunch of guys and women. I am proud to say that I have met all of you, our country is proud of you too. And each year it just gets better, and more relaxed. Kathy Simmons

Thanks to you and all who helped set up the reunion. It was truly a rewarding experience. As a first timer at the reunion, I just wanted to say that I had a great time seeing everyone. I was with Charlie such a short time but everyone made me feel as though I spent my whole tour with him. What a great group! Hope we are all healthy enough to make it next year. Thanks again. See you next year. Al Blosser

Thanks again for all the work you and Dan have put into our reunions. It sure is great seeing all the guys, and it's clear the women have as good a time as we do. Phil Sherwood was a hoot. I don't know if he ever got over it. I have to believe I was equally wide-eyed my first time. Bryan Ciula - Rocky

and Number of Reunions Attended

Mike and Pat Bingham-2
Al Blosser-1
John and Lynn Bottorff-2
Andy Brower and Kathy Simmons-2
Charlie and Sandy Brown-1
James Chisholm-1
Bryan and Peggy Ciula-3
Wayne and Linda Darnell-1
Charles and Kim Doan-1
Jimmie and Annie Dubose-2
Laura Johnson
Freddie Mae Jackson
Leonard Hartoonian-3
Frank Hill-2
Jerry and Sandra Holloman-1
Bob Joyce-2
Larry and Vicki Konya-1
Dan Malin-3
Tom and Sue Moore-1
Larry Mueller-2
Roy Otis-1
Wayne and Peggy Rasmussen-3
Ronnie and Teresa Ray-3
Gary and Nancy -1
Phil Sherwood-1
Daniel Simone-1
Mike and Patty Stinnett-3
James Taylor and Judy Hetland-2
Keith Trace-3
Chuck and Liz Unterberger-3
Bud Vincent-2
David and Ruth Wantland-1
Mike and Ursula Yelenovic-3


Financial Report • The Balance Sheet with Income and Expense items listed was approved with the understanding that a final, amount was not available with expenses still ongoing. This is now complete and all expenses are paid. We closed the year with a balance of $275.56. We had $600 income from Dues and $100 in Donations at the reunion and our current balance is $975.56 with no expenses to date.

Mission Statement & Policies • Approved the mission statement and previous guidelines reported in earlier newsletters • Approved new policies of no outside media at the reunions; our group would mainly support our reunion and not others who may request advertisement; and requests for information from outside sources would be forwarded to those who might be interested.

The Department of Veterans Affairs • Chuck Unterberger presented a brief account of the two areas where veterans may received benefits and had handouts available explaining these programs.

Americal Division Veterans Association • Dan Malin presented brochures of the ADVA's mission and encouraged those interested to join the ADVA.

Lists of Contacts & Deceased • Dan Malin pointed out the lists available and encouraged attendees to call and meet with nearby veterans. Links to both lists are on our website under EVENTS & PEOPLE.

Dues • Dues remain $20 per year. It was decided that the official year of the membership would be from June 1 to May 31 of the next year. Also approved those paying dues late in the year would still be included in the next year's membership.

Feedback about newsletters and web site • Approval was made to offer digital newsletters either online or by email to save money. A list was started for those who wanted their newsletter by email or would read it from the web site. Please contact Dan or Mike if you would like a “digital” newsletter instead of a hardcopy.

Input about next reunion • No one seemed to be opposed to moving to another location in the future as long as the event remained centrally located and we would receive at least the same benefits as we currently receive. Indianapolis, St. Louis and Nashville were presented as possibilities.


This year was the second reunion Mike and I have attended and it was even more fun than last year’s. It is amazing to watch all the Charlie Co. veterans come together as family, regardless of where they live or what they do, but it is also understandable considering the common bond of their experience in Vietnam. They truly are a “Band of Brothers”! However, what is truly amazing is the way we wives bonded, friendships were forged, and memories were made.

One of the best memories was our visit to Yesterday’s Café & Tea Room for lunch on Saturday. The tearoom is located in an historic building on old Main Street in Florence and one section is a restored blacksmith’s shop. Susan, the owner, made our lunch a delightful experience with her wonderful story telling abilities and vivacious personality.

We dined on fantastic food while sipping Georgia Peach Iced Tea. The food was served on antique china and Depression glass. After our delicious meal, we enjoyed the eclectic art in the courtyard. Where else will you find a commode covered in mosaic or a fountain made from a claw foot tub also covered in mosaic?

In closing, I would like to tell all the wives who’ve been with their husbands since Vietnam or shortly thereafter how much I admire them. You’ve stood by your husbands through very difficult times. You are my heroes!!


Do you have comments about the newsletter? Need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Contact Dan Malin (danielmalin (AT) hotmail (DOT) com - 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 242-7664) or Mike Stinnett (mike (DOT) stinnett (AT) yahoo (DOT) com - 319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 (931) 647-8917).

We are considering using an on-line search services soon so if you’d like for us to search for someone specific, send us all the information you have about your friend. We are up near the 170 mark now with those Charlie Company vets that have been “found”.


Only James Taylor and Keith Trace are not pictured. Both are on our website online along with other group pictures and individual close-ups. A link to Mike & Ursula’s reunion pictures are also available.

Front row (left to right): Dave Wantland, John Bottorff, Larry Mueller, Roy Otis, James Chisholm, Frank Hill, Bud Vincent, Andy Brower (thinking he heard an eyes right command), Philip Sherwood, Chuck Unterberger and Charles Doan. Second row: Albert Blosser, Jerry Holloman, Bob Joyce, Mike Bingham, Bryan Ciula, Tom Moore, Leonard Harootunian, Back row: Daniel Malin, Larry Konya, Gary, Ronnie Ray, Jimmie DuBose, Wayne Darnell, Charlie Brown, Mike Yelenovic, Wayne Rasmussen, and Mike Stinnett.

Same guys but we moved some and Daniel Simone joined in at the bottom right.