1 st Battalion-20 th Infantry

11 th LIB ~ Americal Div.


May 1, 2008

Volume 1, Issue 4




Charlie Company will be returning to the Hilton Cincinnati Airport June 20-21 for our third reunion! The Hilton’s address is 7373 Turfway Road, Florence, KY 41042; phone number is 859-371-4400 and their web site URL is www.hiltoncincinnatiairport.com.

We have a block of 30 rooms reserved for the dates: June 20 – 21. The rate is $97 a night and will be good three days before and after the reunion (seven rooms are already reserved for Thursday night). It is recommended that you make your reservations soon since 19 rooms are already reserved. The Hilton will honor this rate if we have more than 30 reservations as long as space is available. The hotel does not require a 2-day stay. We’d love to have everyone both days but even one day makes it worthwhile.

At the cut-off date (May 30, 2008), the Hilton will release any unreserved rooms for general sale. Any reservation received after the cut-off date will be accepted on a space and rate available basis. Our rate represents a discount off their published rates (currently $119 for weekends). Cancellation of any reservation must be made 48 hours prior to arrival date and confirmed by the Hotel cancellation number. (Click here for complete hotel information.)


We have a Meeting & Hospitality Room reserved and a Reception scheduled there Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. We are having a Friday evening buffet at 6 p.m. and a business meeting about 8:00. Saturday’s events include a golf outing, a tearoom brunch for the ladies, and an evening banquet buffet at 6 p.m.


One of the perks we’ve gotten from the Hilton is being able to bring our own food and drinks into our hospitality room. Many hotels wouldn’t allow this and would charge to supply those things but not at Wal-Mart prices! We didn’t have any money to purchase refreshments last year so the cheap solution was to ask folks to bring a few samples of refreshments made near where they live.

It was a fun and easy way to have refreshments provided for our hospitality room. We enjoyed it last year and have decided to do it again this year. After seeing it last year, some have even thought of things they were going to bring to represent the “homeland”. If you want to help, don’t feel like you have to provide enough for everyone. We had plenty last year and some left over thanks to the generosity of participants.


In our business meeting at last year's reunion, it was determined the group would like to have a meal planned for Friday night in addition to the banquet dinner Saturday. After discussion with the Catering Consultant at the Hilton, we have agreed to schedule these buffets for Friday and Saturday:

Friday BUFFET – 6:00 pm

Fresh Fruit Salad and Cottage Cheese
Grilled Chicken
Sliced Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy
Parslied Red Skin Potatoes and Vegetable Medley
Fruit Cobbler with Vanilla Sauce


Mixed Garden Salad
Choice of Potato Salad or Coleslaw
Sliced Boneless Pork loin with Madeira Sauce
Broccoli and Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast
Country Style Green Beans
Whipped Potatoes
Dinner Rolls and Butter
Assorted Fruit Pies (one selection diabetic) and Beverages

The Hilton is giving us the luncheon menu price of $15.95 plus tax and gratuity that totals $20.28 per meal. We have to give them a final count and prepay the total amount for all meals at least a week before our reunion. These meals are, of course, optional.

Please send a check or money order before June 10 (payable to Charlie Company 1-20) for $20.28 per meal per person to Mike Stinnett (see Contact Information for address). Be sure to include this information with the payment: Name(s) and Number of meals: Friday and Saturday.


Mike Feltes and Bud Vincent are inviting you to join them again for a round of golf at one of the local golf courses. They plan to tee off around 10:00 a.m. Saturday and the cost will be about $50 for the 18 holes plus a cart. I would make a comment about them using a cart instead of the way they used to hump with full packs many years ago but I think the reply would be "Why aren't we sleeping out in the woods, under the stars, cooking C-rations in our mess kits with C4?" Contact us if you want to join them in the golf outing WITH A CART so they will have a number to give for the reservations.


A noon brunch is scheduled for the ladies Saturday June 21 at Yesterday's Cafe and Tea Room. The cafe and the attached European style tearoom building date back to 1892 when it was the first Kroger in Florence. It still has the antique carriage doors to prove it.

Those wishing to attend need to let Mike know by June 10 so the final count for the brunch can be sent for reservations. The cost of the brunch is $12.95 but no prepayment is necessary. To visit them on the web, go to http://www.yesterdayscafeandtearoom.com/.


There are several area attractions for those of you who might want to come early, stay later or use some of Saturday’s time to visit. Find that last newsletter or go to our web site for more suggestions. Try this web site for more info: www.staynky.com.


The NKYCVB is providing name badges for our reunion again this year. If last year’s badge was good, do nothing; we’ll submit the same names.

However, if this is anyone’s first reunion (including wife, child, etc.), we will submit the names from our reservation list unless you tell us otherwise. We can’t tell from the reservation list a wife’s name unless you made the reservation that way so please let us know. We will also include a nickname that we found to be helpful.


Dan Malin will have hats for $15 and Mike will have t-shirts for $12 at the reunion. Examples of proud owners can be spotted in our first newsletter. Here are a couple of small pictures to give you an idea of how they look. Only a small number will be available so be sure to catch us early with your request.


We have several items to discuss at our business meeting including how our “Board” concept has evolved since last year’s reunion, a financial report, elections, and policies.

We will also seek feedback about our current and next reunion, web site, newsletter and a paid Internet search for other veterans. ADVA membership and other business you may bring will be discussed.


The Hilton Cincinnati Airport is located at I-75/I-71 at exit #182. Going south on I-75/I-71 from Cincinnati or traveling east or west on I-275, take the I-75/I-71 south (Louisville / Lexington signs) to exit #182. Turn right at the traffic light on Houston Road, turn right at the traffic light on Turfway Road, and then turn right at the traffic light on Steeplechase.

Traveling north on I-75/I-71, take exit #182, turn left at the traffic light on Turfway Road and turn left at the next traffic light at Steeplechase. Click here if you're a visual learner.


Do you have comments about the newsletter? Need information about our contacts or do you have information about other vets not on our list? Send copies of orders etc. to danielmalin(AT)hotmail(DOT)com and items for the web site to mike.stinnett(AT)yahoo(DOT)com. You will need to use the @ and . when actually emailing. Dan Malin’s home address for hardcopy is 4136 Kenyon Avenue, Lorain, OH 44053 (440) 242-7664. Mike Stinnett’s address is 319 Antioch Road, Clarksville, TN 37040 (931) 647-8917.


We now have 152 Charlie Company vets who we have a current address and a phone number. Thanks primarily to Ms. Kitty’s leads and Dan persistent phone calls, the following vets have been “found” since the last newsletter: James Barefoot, John Barrows, Albert Blosser, James M Costabile, Joel Craig, Owen Dorothy, Carl Dyson, Vernon Estep, Al Hammock. Arnie Jardine, Loren Leinhard, Josh Selvage, William Teson, Donald Townsend, Dennis Yother and Richard Zimmer.

Have you been in contact with someone who is not on our list? Send Dan or Mike the information so we can include them in our “found” list and sign them up for the newsletters. We are considering using one of the on-line search services soon so if you’d like for us to search for someone specific, give us all the information you have about your friend.


Robert Yancy, Bryan Ciula, Duck Watters, Albert Blosser, Bruce McCart and Charlie Brown recently sent in their dues. This gives us a total of 34 members and we currently have $500 in our checking account with this newsletter and a few reunion expenses to come out of this balance. A complete financial report will be given at the reunion business meeting and later published on our web site.

Remember: make reservations by May 30 to qualify for our reunion price; reserve and prepay meals; make your reservations for the golf outing and the ladies brunch by June 10. Hope to see many of you at the reunion June 20-21!

Ronnie Ray and Jim Yunag

Charlie Company had been working out in the 515 Valley at the end of March or the beginning of April 1971. Our squad was told to go set up on the mountain. When the squad reached the top and set up for the day, someone saw Rudolph.

Doc Bino (Jim Yunag), Al Brown and myself (Norton, Ronnie Ray) decided we should have venison that afternoon. We radioed the rest of the company about a possible enemy sighting. It was a long shot so all three of us lined up and fired, on the count of three, full automatic, and we got it! Captain Donovan called and asked for a confirmed kill but the report back was “Can’t confirm, no blood trail”. We hiked back down and returned with our trophy, a deer about the size of a German Shepard.

Koon, our Kit Carson Scout, was going to show us how to cook it by cutting off strips and throwing it in the fire to burn off the hide. However, we dressed our trophy and started to cook our portion in the old faithful steel pot. We gave the rest of the meat to Koon who was going home for a visit with his family in one of the villages north of Liz. We added some C-Rations and goodies from home to our pot of stew and enjoyed our feast later that afternoon.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of the story. A few days later several people ended up with worms. Guess we were lucky it was only worms. Our medic called in and got us all some worm medication. Doc Bino can tell some really good stories about how bad the worms were!

We got Rudolph that day but she came back and got us in the end.