1 st Battalion-20 th Infantry

11 th LIB ~ Americal Div.


July 4, 2007

Volume 1, Issue 1



Hello Everyone:

Well, you're about to read the first official Charlie Company Newsletter.  

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time at the 2nd Annual Charlie Company Reunion held this year in Florence, KY at the Hilton-Cincinnati Airport.   For some it was their second reunion and for others their first. Thanks to the many hours of persistent phone calls and research contributed by Dan, Teach and the never-ending assistance of Ms. Kitty who was instrumental in making this year's reunion almost three time the size of last years.   This was my first reunion as well as my husband's (Jersey).   

Some were anxious on attending the reunion and others needed a little coaxing but were glad they made the trip. 

By listening to the stories that were being told...and believe me everyone had one, the one thing I noticed the most was the need for closure and healing, closure to so many unanswered questions that have lingered for so many years. Here are just a few examples: "I really needed to tell him thank you for saving my life," "did they make it," he was my best friend over there", "I would love to see him again."

So many brothers brought back together after so many years. New tears shed, laughter spread, stories told, wounds mended and new families extended with hugs all around. What a 2nd reunion you had!

Wanted to also mention all enjoyed a lovely dinner on Saturday night which truly started off blessed when "Tallman", or as he is better known today as "Reverend Jimmie Dubose", said grace before dinner. Next time lets hope you and your lovely wife will be able to join us for dinner.   Thanks again.

Here are some comments that I would like to share with you:

Ronnie and I enjoyed meeting everyone and had a great time at the reunion. We both think that Teach did a wonderful job organizing the entire thing. The hotel was great, comfortable beds and friendly service.

Ronnie & Theresa

Ursula and I had a wonderful weekend in Cincinnati reminiscing with all the good folks.

Mike & Ursula

I really enjoyed my 1st reunion and look forward to next year's.  It was great seeing guys I hadn't seen in 37 years as well as meeting the ones who paved the way before me and those who followed behind me.  The best part was spending time talking with so many people who knew exactly what I had gone through.  It was healing as well as entertaining.

Mike Bingham, Mortars, 1970

We really enjoyed the Ohio trip.  I had a very nice time, Andy needed to be there and relive the friendships he made in such a very bad place.   Hope to do this again, Later,

Kathy Simmons and Andy Brower

The reunion has grown from 17 in 2006 (11 C Co, 2 other vets*, 3 wives & 1 daughter) to 46 this year (29 C Co, 2 other vets*, 14 wives and 1 daughter)! Thanks for participating and finding out that getting together to see friends from long ago can still be a meaningful experience. Hope to see everyone at next reunion.

If you have anything you would like to add to our next newsletter please email me at dfrancomacaro(AT)msn(DOT)com or feel free to call me at (973) 770-9292.   We look like we will be putting the newsletter out quarterly so the next one is due to come out around the first week in October.

Please don't forget to check out our new website at http://www.charlie1-20.org


Debbie Francomacaro

Contact Information:

Mike Stinnett - email address: mike.stinnett(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Dan Malin - email address:  Danielmalin(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

Debbie Francomacaro - email address: dfrancomacaro(AT)msn(DOT)com

Feel free to contact either of us if you have a question or concern.

Overview of 2007 Meeting

For those of you who were unable to attend and do not have access to a computer here are some highlights to our 2007 Union/Meeting.

Dan Malin presented brochures about the ADVA (The Americal Division Veterans Association) and passed out membership applications to those interested.   Please contact Dan if you are interested in joining the association.

Jim MacDonald had asked about a newsletter so that members without computers can also be kept in the loop on what's going on.

We plan on sending out a quarterly newsletter with up-to-date information on Charlie Company 1-20 th as well as having our own website which brings me to the next topic.

A discussion was held with members in attendance about creating a permanent web site for the company rather than free space at BellSouth. We would register a domain name and pay for server space to host a site of our own.  

A vote was taken and this item was approved for a 3-year sign-up with GoDaddy. Thanks to donations by Jersey, Snake and Trace, the cost ($120-$130) was taken care of before we even had a chance to pass the hat.

Talked about collecting dues to cover administrative costs and expenses that were incurred this past year and any before our reunion next year.   Also talked about a remembrance fund and who is going to be our CFO.

Rosolino Pizzillo volunteered to act as treasurer and that was approved.

Members decided to pay a total of   $20.00 a year for dues.   Ten dollars would go to cover past expenses, any expenses before our reunion next year, for administrative costs and to help support efforts in finding other "Charlie Company vets. The other ten dollars would go towards a "remembrance fund" which will be used to send out get-well, birthday and anniversary cards as well as flowers.  

So if you are aware of anyone that is in the hospital please email me at dfrancomacaro(AT)msn(DOT)com and we will make sure that a get-well card is sent out from the guys.  

Miss Kitty is the lady who has been instrumental in helping vets connect with others.   Some of the vets were at the reunion because of her results.   So they thought it would be nice to take up a collection to get her something for her efforts.

A vote of the members present was taken and it was approved and the hat was passed around and a total of $100.00 was collected to show our appreciation for what she has done to help us locate one another.

This note has been received from Ms. Kitty:

I received a card from Rosolno Pizzillo representing the Charlie Co and a check. I was so shocked to open the card and get the check. Please convey to all the Men of the Charlie Co that I appreciate the kind and thoughtful gift. What a sweet thing to do! I want all of you to know that I am so glad that you had a great time. I hope that many more of you will be reconnected in the next year. If I can help you know how to get in touch.

Much love to all of you, Kitty

In Attendance at the 2007 Reunion

Bingham, Michael & Pat
Mueller, Larry
Bottorff, John & Lynn
Munley, Tom
Brower, Andrew & Kathy Simmons
Oxley, Gary
Ciula, Bryan (Rocky) & Peggy
Pizzillo, Rosolino
Donaghy, William J & Denise
Rasmussen, Wayne & Peggy
Dubose, Jimmie & Annie  
Ray, Ronnie & Theresa
Ellis, Gary A
Stinnett, Michael & Patty
Feltes, Mike
Taylor, James
Francomacaro, Joseph & Deborah
Trace, Keith
Harootunian, Leonard
Unterburger, Chuck & Liz
Hill, Frank
Vincent, Bud
Joyce, Bob
Watters, David & Karen
Kelly, Wayne & Beverly
Yelenovic, Mirko (Mike) & Ursula
Malin, Daniel
Yunag, James
Miles, Russell
*Chuck Seketa & Dan Shaw*


·   Gary Ellis received the Mercedes Benz of MRE's (nothing compare to what you guys had back in the day) for coming the longest way to attend the reunion, all the way from the state of Washington!

· Keith Trace was presented with a wonderful walking cane because I think he just had to cross the Purple People Bridge to get home. Just kidding, oh yeah I was right. He came the shortest distance from Ohio.



The Memorial

We tried, we tried, Oh God we tried
So we could be here too
And walk around remembering
And look for names we knew
Our lives were lost so far away
Upon a distant shore
But we are here in memory
As you read our names once more
Remember us, Remember us
Although we're truly gone
Remember us, as we once were
And not just names in stone

Pictures From the Reunion

(front) DuckWatters, Frank Hill, Mike Feltes, Bud "Peanut" Vincent, Chuck Seketa (2nd row) Joe (Jersey) Francomacaro, Rosolino Pizzillo (3rd row) Chuck "Underdog" Unterberger, Dan "Ohio" Malin, Keith Trace, Leonard "Snake" Hartoonian, Mike Bingham, Bob Joyce (back row) Tom "Scranton" Munley, Gary Ellis, Jimmie "Tallman" Dubose, Ronny "Norton" Ray, Andy Brower, & Mike "Teach" Stinnett
Doc Rock & the Reverend Tallman
(front row) Larry Mueller, Wayne & Peggy Rasmussen, Mike & Ursula Yelenovic, Andy Brower & Kathy Simmons, Theresa & Ronnie Ray, Liz & Chuck Unterberger (back row) Lynn & John Bottorff, Patty & Mike Stinnett, Peggy & Bryan Ciula
(front row) Larry Mueller, Wayne Rasmussen, Mike Yelenovic, Andy Brower, Ronnie Ray (back row) John Bottorff, Jim Yunag, Mike Stinnett, Chuck Unterberger, Bryan Ciula
(front row) Leonard Hartoonian, Chuck Unterberger, Keith Trace, Andy Brower (back row) Duck Watters, Bryan Ciula, Wayne Rasmussen, Mike Stinnett, Dan Malin
James Taylor, Tom Munley, Dan Malin...the electrician & the engineer discussing a new iChair device for the judge. Mike & Ras are determining if a conveyer belt and Land o'Lakes butter could be used for mass production.
(front row) Snake, Trace, Sgt. Hill, Mike Feltes (back row) Vic, Teach, Ras, Jersey, Sgt. Pizza, Ohio, Andy
Our big man contest: first place, Tallman; second place, Jim; and third place, Dan!
These last 3 pictures are the same: kneeling in front; Keith Trace, Larry Mueller, Chuck Unterberger, Bud Vincent. At the far right on the 2nd row is Wayne Rasmussen. He somehow disappeared in the last two shots.
Second row: Frank Hill, Jim Yunag, Ronnie Ray, Mike Feltes & Andy Brower
Back row: Dan Malin, Bob Joyce, Leonard Hartoonian, Mike Stinnett, Rosolino Pizzillo, Gary Ellis, Bill Donaghy, Mike Yelenovic, Wayne Kelly, John Bottorff