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Business Meeting Agenda

Friday June 4, 2010

Financial Report

The projected Balance Sheet with Income and Expense items was presented with the understanding that a final, actual amount was not available with income and expenses still ongoing. This is almost complete and after all reunion expenses were paid (we are expecting some more income), we presently have a balance of $1,630.86 for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. We had $1,300 income from Dues (65 members) and $320 in Donations from Mike Dove, Joe Francomacaro, James Stephens and Jimmie Dubose. We also received $620 in raffle tickets for the quilt Mary Ann Kinch donated along with $171 from t-shirts Mark Knepp had made special for the reunion. Newsletter expenses of $1,084.26 was again the major expense item. Expenses and Income from t-shirt sales and meals at the Hilton basically are even although we did make $158.39 from the sale of 37 shirts this year. Our current balance is greater than the $1,630.86 because all dues collected ($20 per year) for 2010-2011 along with proceeds from donations at the reunion will be included in this year's Balance Sheet.

Domain Name and Web Server
Another 3-year contract (expires June 2013) was paid to GoDaddy for a total of $130.99.

Informal Survey
All responses were favorable concerning our present reunion location, hotel and meal arrangements.

Flag Flown Over US Capitol
This flag was presented to Mike and Pat Bingham to honor their efforts in making our reunions a success. Both have been very helpful with reunion activities, especially at the refreshment table, and Pat has gone beyond what has been asked and initiated gift bags for the ladies these past years.

Further reunion information will be found in NEWSLETTERS at the top of EVENTS page. Volume 4 Issue 1 will begin the year 2010-2011 but it is not yet available.


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