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Business Meeting Agenda

Friday June 12, 2009

Mission Statement & Policies
The Board emphasized our decision to remain within our mission statement objectives when it came to sickness and death of Charlie Company members. We will do all we can to make these events known to our organization but responses will be voluntary from members. No Charlie Company funds will be used for flowers, etc. but, if time allows, we will let you know what has happened and what you can do if you wish.

Financial Report
The projected Balance Sheet with Income and Expense items was presented with the understanding that a final, actual amount was not available with income and expenses still ongoing. This is now complete and after all reunion expenses were paid, we closed the fiscal year with a balance of $328.57. We had $820 income from Dues (41 members) and $140 in Donations from Chuck Unterberger, Keith Trace, Chum Nault, Duck Watters and Don Townsend. Newsletter expense of $1,168.29 was the major expense item.

Domain Name and Server
Our contract with GoDaddy for our web site domain name and server expires June 15, 2010 and permission was requested to negotiate another 3-year before next year's reunion. Permission was approved.

The Department of Veterans Affairs
•Two branches when it comes to benefits. The Veterans Health Administration and The Veterans Benefits Administration.
•Input into the Claimants Representatives
Chuck Unterberger presented a brief account of the two areas where veterans may receive benefits and had handouts available explaining these programs. Here is a synopsis of his talk.

Americal Division Veterans Association
• Membership & applications
Dan Malin presented brochures and explanation of the ADVA's mission and encouraged those interested to join the ADVA.

Lists of Contacts & Deceased
Dan Malin pointed out the lists available and encouraged attendees to call and meet with nearby veterans of Charlie Company. Poster of Andy Brower's list from October or November, 1969 was mentioned.

Present flag flown over US Capitol
Presented to Ronnie Ray to honor his efforts in reaching members of Charlie Company and encouragement to attend the reunion along with his and Teresa's help at past reunions.

Further reunion information may be found in NEWSLETTERS at the top of EVENTS page. Volume 2 are for the year of 2008-2009.


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