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The Reunion from a Wife’s Point of View

This year was the second reunion Mike and I have attended and it was even more fun than last year’s. It is amazing to watch all the Charlie Co. veterans come together as family, regardless of where they live or what they do, but it is also understandable considering the common bond of their experience in Vietnam. They truly are a “Band of Brothers”! However, what is truly amazing is the way we wives bonded, friendships were forged, and memories were made.

One of the best memories was our visit to Yesterday’s Café & Tea Room for lunch on Saturday. The tearoom is located in an historic building on old Main Street in Florence and one section is a restored blacksmith’s shop. Susan, the owner, made our lunch a delightful experience with her wonderful story telling abilities and vivacious personality. She explained to us that as a child, her first trip to an airport was to take her two brothers to Chicago as they left for Vietnam. Therefore, she understands what it was like to have a loved one fighting for our freedom.


We dined on fantastic food while sipping Georgia Peach Iced Tea. The food was served on antique china and Depression glass. After our delicious meal, we enjoyed the eclectic art in the courtyard. Where else will you find a commode covered in mosaic or a fountain made from a claw foot tub also covered in mosaic?

In closing, I would like to tell all the wives who’ve been with their husbands since Vietnam or shortly thereafter how much I admire them. You’ve stood by your husbands through very difficult times. You are my heroes!!

Pat Miller-Bingham

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