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2008 Reunion

Below are the names of those attending the reunion with a number to indicate how many times they have been to a Charlie Company Reunion. The names are linked to a picture of each vet made at the reunion. More information may be included in the future such as time in country and nicknames. Some couples pictures were taken but not all and we should have made a group picture for the ladies. Apologies for the ommission. We're still learning about this reunion business!

Mike and Pat Bingham-2 Tom and Sue Moore-1
Al Blosser-1 Larry Mueller-2
John and Lynn Bottorff-2 Roy Otis-1
Andy Brower and Kathy Simmons-2 Wayne and Peggy Rasmussen-3
Charlie and Sandy Brown-1 Ronnie and Teresa Ray-3
James Chisholm-1 Gary and Nancy -1
Bryan and Peggy Ciula-3 Phil Sherwood-1
Wayne and Linda Darnell-1 Daniel Simone-1
Charles and Kim Doan-1 Mike and Patty Stinnett-3
Jimmie and Annie Dubose-2
Laura Johnson
Freddie Mae Jackson
James Taylor and Judy Hetland-2
Leonard Hartoonian-3 Keith Trace-3
Frank Hill-2 Chuck and Liz Unterberger-3
Jerry and Sandra Holloman-1 Bud Vincent-2
Bob Joyce-2 David and Ruth Wantland-1
Larry and Vicki Konya-1 Mike and Ursula Yelenovic-3
Dan Malin-3  

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