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Reunion 2008

The third annual Charlie Company reunion was again held at the Hilton Cincinnati Airport on June 20-21! For some, it actually began the 19th as eleven of the arrivals ate German food at the Haufbrau House that night. There were eight others checked in but they'd gone to eat somewhere else. We began setting up the Hospitality Room and were making use of it before the night was over.

Friday was officially registration day and all but six arrived during the day and evening. Total attendance for the reunion was 52! We had several from last year who told us they couldn't attend and Mike Feltes, Chuck Seketa, and Duck Watters (plus wives maybe) made reservations but couldn't make it. Carl McClafferty (VN - July 1970 to July 1971 with 1st platoon) sent word, "Sorry I didn't get to the reunion this year, I've been in Afghanistan....." Read the rest of two emails and see Carl at work. It is good to report that twenty-two of the fifty-two were there for the first time!

The Care Packages disguised as regional refreshments (see donors) kept the thirst and hunger down (as if we were starving). A few of the ladies went to the Antique Mall Friday and did make it back to the hotel. We almost missed the Hilton's Punch & Cookies Reception again but most remembered how good the cookies were last year and they were gone before bedtime. The buffet Friday night was good and got us eating much quicker than last year's limited menu. We returned to the Hospitality Room after dinner and held the Business Meeting - (Comments welcome even if you weren't able to attend the reunion.) A list of FOUND contacts and a list of known DECEASED was handed out. Chuck Unterberger gave a very informative talk about the role of VA and VHA. If you as a Vietnam veteran have never contacted either of them, you should read Chuck's short note of advice. Dan Malin was presented a flag that had been flown over our Nation's Capitol in honor of his work in finding Charlie Company vets. Chuck & Liz Unterberger were the winners of the drawing for one free room night of those eligible who made early reservations by the end of St. Patrick's Day, March 17.

We had golfers out early Saturday morning and it was reported no clubs were thrown even though Boone Links GC is a much more difficult course than last year's. Eight of the ladies went to Yesterday's Cafe & Tea Room for brunch. They loved it! I think they will make their own reservations next year if I do not do it again. Read Pat Bingham's account of the reunion and this particular part of the reunion. Pictures are included!. We returned to the Hospitality Room after our meal Saturday night for our Awards and Memorial Toast. Frank Hill was presented a delicious MRE as the winner of the vet who traveled the longest distance to be at the Reunion. Look at the joy on Frank's face after realizing he will get to eat a MRE again! Charles Doan won a walking cane to help him return the closest distance home. Charles is making sure the light does work after asking his wife, Kim, if he will get to ride home in the car with her. Bud Vincent then led us in a tribute to those KIA's listed and to those who were still in the "world" worrying about us. Group photos came next and four are presented here. Free drinks if you can identify everyone (collectible at next year's reunion only). Please submit others of groups if you'd like them published. Here is a list of those who attended the reunion along with a link to their individual picture.

Several still around Sunday morning met at the Cracker Barrel or the Hilton for breakfast. Most of the goodbyes also included the statement, "See you next year!" Start making plans to join us again. You will be glad you did!

Reunion Agenda - A quick list of the week end events.

Pictures from Mike and Ursula Yelenovic

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