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These are our three logo options for our online store. Polos, hats, and fleece/towels have been chosen to go with the logos. When you get to the site you may have to log in by giving them an email address and creating a password (Think of a password just for the store. It is recommended not to use your email password).

There are two basic ways to get around the store. 1) You may click on the logo in the logo bar at the bottom of the Store and see the associated styles to choose from.  You can tell from the description below the logo what type of items you'll see (the above logos have "Left Chest at the bottom -- those are polos). After the options appear click on the item you want and the product description and order screen will be present. 

Or, 2) you can click on a category like Men's Polos in the Shop By Product menu at the top left.  If you see two of the same shirts, you can move your mouse icon over the shirt to see which logo is linked to it.  Again, click on the item to get to the order screen.

Once you click on an item and get to the order screen you will see the shirt and tabs with Description, Sizing and Information, and Customer Comments at the top. At the bottom you will see where you order the color/size of the shirt. There is a logo preview shown as you order an item and again when the item is in the Shopping Cart.  As you move the mouse in the color/size boxes you will see logo preview lets you see the shirt color (all options are available) and the changes (if any) to the logo text. Text logo colors with the different color garments may be changed so let us know if you think one needs to be changed.

Place the number of item(s) to order in the appropriate box matching your size and color choice and then click ADD TO CART at the bottom and the next screen will be your shopping cart. CONTINUE SHOPPING at that screen on the bottom left will take you back to the store where you can add other items to the cart. PROCEED TO CHECKOUT will let you place your order and complete the Check Out process. If an item is incorrect, click on the red X to the top right and delete the item. 

This is the actual link to the store < > and all the store words in this text will take you there by opening another page. When you close the store page this site will still be open.

Try using the Store as a customer to get the experience of seeing what you see as you select items and as you are adding to the Shopping Cart. You can always click the red X in the shopping cart and just pretend you put the stuff back on the shelf and the buggy back in the rack and left the store. Queensboro offer specials frequently and send those when you register.

If you select Polos for Men or the CIB icon at the bottom, the shirts choices will appear. The one at the top (Product: A378-563-6560 - Style: 1140) is the light blue chosen at the reunion to go with the CIB logo. Several liked the Nike shirt at the reunion and this one, along with shirts with pockets have been added.

Other items may be added to our store. You can go to and look at all QB has to offer. If you see something we should add, please let me know.

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