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LZ Liz

Pictures taken of Liz and from Liz.

South Observation Post by LZ Liz

See the AO from the SOP. Begins with view from Liz & then flying in on a LOH. Walk around the top to see Liz, Gaza Strip, Bronco, mountains to the south & west and back to the NOP & Liz. See Charlie Company's bunker, "Home Sweet Bunker, being built. Finally, some of the people stationed on the SOP and other pictures taken at the OP from February through early April of 1970. There were three men from each line company (not sure about Recon) who pulled guard for the radar people during that time. The grunts were getting "short" when they were assigned to the SOP.

Rocky has some pictures that aren't "military" but will bring back memories.

The Map Room

An item made available by 1-20's web site is a map room of our areas of operations. Be sure to sign the guest book and tell them thanks for all the great work they are doing! Buffgrunt has also allowed us to link to their maps and they have a bunch!

*Pictures contributed by Duck, Ohio, Vic, Snake, Ras, Rocky & Teach. Please do NOT "borrow" the pictures without permission!

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